Parquet flooring can make a massive statement in your home. Time has shown again and again that parquet flooring never goes out of style. It creates a timeless yet stylish look that will last for years to come. Parquet flooring comes in so many different styles, tones, and colours to perfectly match your style. Keep reading to find out how to choose parquet flooring and our top three parquet floors to inspire your next home improvement project. 

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  • How to Choose Parquet Flooring?
  • 3 Best Parquet Floor Options to Enhance Your Home Decor 

How to Choose Parquet Flooring?


Parquet flooring is made of individual blocks that you can lay in different geometric styles, like herringbone and chevron. If you love the look of parquet flooring, engineered wood parquet flooring is a great way to make a statement. 

When choosing parquet flooring, you need to look for high-quality building materials. Innovation in manufacturing means that engineered wood captures the raw natural essence of real wood with increase structural stability. 

When buying any type of flooring, it’s a good idea to order samples so that you can discover if your flooring choice looks good in your room location and lighting conditions. Parquet is popular for several reasons and you can style it in multiple different ways to suit your decor.  

3 Best Parquet Floor Options to Enhance Your Home Decor 


Whether you love a subtle oak and herringbone design or prefer a richer, darker brown is down to you. Either way, you can install parquet flooring and enhance your home decor. Here are three top parquet floor options to upgrade your home decor. 

1. Accentor


If you love everything about grey, then Accentor herringbone parquet flooring is perfect for you. It’s a cool grey shade that’s warm and inviting. For complete flexibility with your decor, grey sets the tone and allows you to create a light space in a style you love. The rich tones of grain in the flooring are ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. 

2. Ambrosia 


For a clean grey and brown palette, Ambrosia engineered oak herringbone flooring suitably matches an underestimated Scandinavian design. Enhance your home decor with a subtle colour palette bringing furniture and textiles to life.

3/ Alopex 


Alopex herringbone parquet flooring features honey tones to create a soft and warm environment. If you’re looking to add a gentle touch to your environment while benefitting from the look of parquet, this is an ideal choice for your project.

4/ Aerolith


Aerolith is a must-have choice for parquet flooring. It’s the perfect combination of natural wheat tones and earthy brown hues. This is ideal for adding a subtle elegance without overpowering a room with a bold colour or shade. 

Parquet flooring is an outgoing yet timeless flooring choice for your home. Whether you love a herringbone or chevron finish, engineered oak parquet flooring has increased structural stability with a range of finishes for easy maintenance. 

July 09, 2021 — Katie McKay