RVP is the next generation of luxury vinyl that offers several benefits to suit any room in the house. With the home renovation boom set to continue this year, more and more people are looking for ways to upgrade their decor. From beautiful wood-effect tiles to herringbone parquet style finishes, you can find flooring that you love. Stay on trend with these top three styles and get the benefits of RVP vinyl.  

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  • RVP Vinyl for All Environments 
  • The Benefits of RVP Vinyl 
  • 3 RVP Styles Bang on Trend 

RVP Vinyl for All Environments 


RVP is a luxury vinyl tile (or plank) that features a highly stable SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) core and built-in underlay. With a massive 0.7mm top layer, RVP vinyl is uber durable and highly resistant. The flooring is easy to fit, maintain, and clean. 

Combining the stable core and thick top layer means that the vinyl flooring avoids contraction and expansion. With some flooring materials, they contract and expand when exposed to changing temperatures and moisture in the air. For example, when solid wood flooring contracts and expands, the wood planks squeeze up against each other until they bend upwards and outwards. 

The Benefits of RVP Vinyl 


RVP vinyl combines style and durability to create flooring that is stable and easy to maintain. It’s ideal for households with young children and pets. When your flooring features durable properties, it remains looking its best for longer. 

Stain and Scratch Resistant


The huge 0.7mm top layer of RVP vinyl makes it highly stain and scratch-resistant. There’s no need to sand down scuffs or apply another finish to the flooring. Because of the thick top layer, the vinyl flooring is also resistant to UV discolouration. 



Another benefit of RVP vinyl is that it’s very water-resistant. This makes it ideal for a ton of different environments like bathrooms, kitchens, and hospitality settings. 

Durable and Long-Lasting 


The flooring is durable and long-lasting. It can handle high traffic areas, living spaces, retail, and sports and recreation environments. 

3 RVP Styles Bang on Trend 


To upgrade your interior, here are three RVP styles bang on trend that not only look fantastic but are durable and highly resistant. 

1. RVP Herringbone Flooring


The Arezzo Herringbone is a pared-back placid oak with natural shades of biscuit and sand. If you love parquet flooring but need the durability of vinyl, this is an excellent choice. You can make a statement with parquet flooring but benefit from the easy installation of vinyl. 

2. RVP Sanoma Stone Effect Tile


The Sanome Grey Tile is a stone effect that matches your coastal greys for complete simplicity. The tile is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and creates a classic and traditional stone-inspired floor. 

3. RVP Alba Wood Effect 


For warmer ashy tones, the Alba RVP mimics wooden flooring to suit any style and design. This would look fantastic in living areas, bedrooms, and kitchens. The surface layer is anti-scratch, and the flooring is easy to install. 


You can find an RVP vinyl style that you love from silvery greys to stone and wood-effect flooring solutions. With advances in technology, vinyl mimics the look of many different materials. It’s easy to install, looks fantastic, and is highly resistant.

June 03, 2021 — Richard McKay