Hotels, restaurants, and bars all have specific requirements when it comes to flooring. In the world of hospitality, what you walk on is easy to miss. It’s not something that tends to wow customers. When a person comes into a restaurant, they are thinking about the food, not the floor. But the wrong type of flooring for hospitality could result in slips, falls, and injuries. In the hospitality industry, you’re usually dealing with a large space. That means new flooring is typically a big investment, and you want to get it right the first time. 

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  • What is the Best Type of Flooring for Hospitality?
  • 4 Floor Styles for Hospitality 

What is the Best Type of Flooring for Hospitality?

Whether you love the look of parquet flooring or are thinking about installing vinyl, there are several options to consider. The best restaurant flooring may look slightly different to the ideal flooring solution for a hotel bedroom. Often, the right flooring for hospitality is dependent on the type of environment. 

Think about your business and the type of environment. Is it a bathroom, restaurant kitchen, hotel lobby, or high-end bar? You need to start at the beginning to choose the best type of flooring for your business. Consider if you need flooring that has multiple uses or it’s for a sole purpose. 

In the hospitality industry, choosing a floor is a major financial and design decision. Although you have various material options, you should look for similar qualities. Must-have features of hospitality flooring include: 

  • Easy to clean 
  • Resilient 
  • Durable 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Avoids contraction and expansion 
  • Comfortable for working long hours 
  • Stain and scratch-resistant 

These are just a handful of properties to look for in your new hospitality flooring. The ideal material really depends on the type of business you have. Potential flooring materials suitable for hospitality environments include carpet, vinyl, rubber, rugs, or a combination of textures and materials. 

4 Floor Styles for Hospitality 

In hospitality, you need the perfect combination of style and function. High-end hotels, boutique bars, and trendy cafes need to look fantastic. Your flooring needs to look great while simultaneously creating a safe and functional foundation for your customers. To narrow down your options, here are four floor styles for hospitality to support your business and meet your requirements. 

1. Parquet Flooring 

Parquet flooring is a timeless and classic flooring option. This type of floor uses blocks of wood laid out in geometric shapes. You can use either traditional sized blocks or larger, more modern blocks to create a pattern. Engineered Oak Herringbone is suitable for a range of settings and features an engineered composition for maximum structural support. 

2. Engineered Wood (Lacquer Finish)

Another style to consider is real engineered wood flooring. It has the elegant finish of solid wood but with increased functionality at an affordable price. This style of wood flooring is available in a ton of different colours, tones, and grains. To choose the right engineered wood floor colour, start by looking at your overall design and the kind of atmosphere you’re trying to create. 

3. RVP Tiles

If you need flooring that works for practically any environment, RVP vinyl is a must. The next generation of luxury vinyl is water-resistant and sound-reducing. It features a highly stable SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) core and a massive 0.7mm scratch-resistant layer. 

4. Industrial Luxury Rubber

For an industrial-looking design, rubber is a popular floor for high traffic areas. Rubber flooring is a fantastic material in terms of shock absorbency, safety, and ease of maintenance. You can find a range of tones and colours in the rubber tile collections with slightly different textures to suit your design and needs. 

The hospitality sector needs the right flooring solution to support your members, increase comfort, and create a safe foundation. With employees rushing about and serving members of the public daily, your flooring style should be both functional and beautiful. 

August 12, 2021 — Katie McKay