With people spending more time at home, 2021 is the year of home improvements. Research shows that 48% of people in the UK are spending a staggering £110.3bn on home improvements. Home improvements are increasing in popularity throughout the UK. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular home improvements planned for this year. 

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  • Why Are Home Improvements Increasing in Popularity? 
  • 5 Most Popular Home Improvements Planned in 2021 

Why Are Home Improvements Increasing in Popularity?

Many people carry out home improvement to increase the home’s value and move up the property ladder. But, multiple national lockdowns have affected how a lot of people view the home. 

Instead of looking to add value to the home, a key driver behind home improvements are lockdowns. Because people were forced to spend more time at home, they noticed that they needed to improve the home. Spending more time at home actually caused a little more wear and tear in itself. 

The combination of spending more time at home and the new awareness for more space has promoted many people to move home. Whether they are renovating after moving house or decorating to attract potential buyers, tradespeople have been bombarded with work. 

5 Most Popular Home Improvements Planned in 2021 

The journey to home improvements doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. From adding a fresh coat of paint to extending the home living space, more people look to integrate work, social, and fitness activities into the home. Here are five of the most popular home improvements on the horizon this year. 

1. Adding a Home Office

It’s no surprise that creating a modern home office is one of the top home improvements this year. Although more people are returning to the office, home working has become the new normal, with some of the workforce never wanting to go back to the office. If you have a spare bedroom to transform into your home office, the Novara Oak Smoked Wood flooring looks fantastic with a deep and rich texture. 

2. Creating a Home Gym

With on and off gym closures for the last year, the home gym is a popular home improvement option. You can install a home gym in a spare room, garage, garden, or at the end of the living room. Even with gyms and fitness studios open, home fitness has taken on a whole new meaning with various digital fitness subscriptions available. 

3. Kitchen Refurbishment

The kitchen has a big job in the house. It’s another popular room for refurbishment. Upgrading the kitchen can be as simple as a lick of paint to new flooring and kitchen cupboards. Homeowners prioritise kitchen refurbishments with a need to create functional and practical space the whole family can enjoy. 

4. Installing a Home Bar

For some, the go-to home improvement is installing a home bar. Stylish drink trolleys and bars look great in the living room or an outdoor garden bar. Try installing a timeless parquet flooring for a statement finish. 

5. Update the Bathroom

Another part of the home seeing more attention is the bathroom. Bathroom renovation ideas are practically endless. Whether you want to buy a new bathroom suite, change the flooring, or add new statement tiles, you can do a lot with the bathroom. 

By adding unique storage solutions, maximising space, and making the most out of your home, you can create multi-functional rooms to work, play, and socialise. From creating a home gym to building the bar of your dreams, you can enhance the home as you need.

July 28, 2021 — Katie McKay