There’s a reason why parquet flooring continues to be so popular. You can make a statement with parquet flooring, and you can work it into your house in several different styles. From traditional dark and red hues to minimal and neutral surroundings, you can style parquet in various ways for maximum impact. 

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  • Why Choose Parquet Flooring 
  • 5 Ways to Style Parquet Flooring 

Why Choose Parquet Flooring 


Parquet flooring dates back to the 16th century in France, where artists would create elaborate flooring designs using blocks of wood. By fitting blocks of wood in different patterns, it creates geometric patterns. Parquet comes from the French word “parquetry”, which means small compartment. 

You can install parquet flooring in a number of different patterns, including chevron, herringbone, brick, and basketweave pattern. Parquet flooring is stable, durable, and easy to clean. It comes in various tones, woods, and shades to suit any style and decor. Create a natural and cosy atmosphere that gives a high-end finish to any environment. 

5 Ways to Style Parquet Flooring 


Installing parquet flooring creates a timeless look that you can easily integrate into multiple styles and designs. There are lots of beautiful ways you can bring parquet flooring into your home. Be inspired by these five ways to style your flooring and enhance your interior. 

1. Traditional Parquet & Classic Country Colours 


There’s something classic about herringbone parquet flooring. To create a traditional yet classic look, opt for a country colour palette like burnt orange and green. These bold shades look effortlessly chic alongside golden oak and warm wooden flooring.  

2. Bright & Minimal


You can easily use parquet flooring in a modern home by pairing a traditional oak flooring with a bright and minimal design. Add a rustic twist with minimal furnishing and a bright space to create warmth. This would be ideal for a light and airy hallway to make a statement as you walk through the door. The understated elegance keeps the space open but looks fantastic. 

3. Contrasting White & Neutrals  


If you love a neutral look, match your parquet flooring with white walls and a neutral colour palette. Not only will your parquet flooring create a statement, but the contrasting neutral colours will help craft a sleek finish with clean lines. Try adding lots of cushions, blankets, and textiles in warm pastel colours to add another layer to the decor. 

4. Scandinavian-Inspired 


White walls, wooden flooring, and modern furniture are all part of the Scandinavian design. You can easily style parquet flooring into Scandinavian-inspired decor. Think white walls, simple and contemporary furniture, and wooden parquet flooring. Opt for paler shades of wood and try adding rugs and textiles made from natural materials. 

5. Dark & Glossy


Consider choosing parquet flooring with uber dark hues and a glossy finish. If you love the look of dark hardwood flooring, try pairing it with contrasting white walls. Darker wood shades are best suited for larger rooms like lounges and hallways where you can make a big statement. 

You can style parquet flooring in various ways to suit your taste and design. Make a statement with a bold and deep shade, or keep it neutral with light wood to create a bright and open space. Either way, parquet flooring is a timeless and classic choice. 

June 14, 2021 — Richard McKay