Throughout the pandemic, the home office has taken on a whole new meaning. Before, it was a luxurious addition to the house but mostly unnecessary for the normal household. Now, it’s an essential part of the modern way of working. Whether you solely work from home or have a couple of days in the office, the home office is a coveted part of the home. Here are some modern home office design ideas to inspire your home upgrade.  

In this article: 

  • Why You Need a Home Office
  • 6 Home Office Ideas for Inspiration 

Why You Need a Home Office

 A home office can be a small nook of the living room, a spare bedroom, or at the end of the garden. Many people have adjusted to home working over the last year. The need to create a productive and inviting working space at home is high. With remote work becoming the new normal, you need to be in control of your working environment. 

If you have children at home, closing your home office door can be of incredible value. Jump on conference calls and Zoom meetings in silence and reduce home background noise. Whether you need to shut out noise or create a productive working environment, you need the right home office design to get it done. 

For those finding that you’re working more from home than ever before, it can be hard to get your work/life balance right. If you have to transform an area of your bedroom into a study, it can feel like you never leave the same spot of your house. This can pull your work/life balance into question. When you can close a door or step away from your desk into a different living environment, it can be hugely beneficial for your work/life balance and allow you to disconnect after your day. 

6 Home Office Ideas for Inspiration 

The best home office design actually makes you want to sit down and go through your to-do list. A dedicated workspace can help put you in the right mindset to work and set aside household tasks. Here, we’ve put together six home office ideas to inspire your personal workspace. 

  1. Minimalist and Sleek 

A minimalist and sleek office space is ideal for open plan living. A study nook can have a spacious feel with lots of free-flowing air. A light oak wood flooring combined with a simple colour palette and clean desk space would look fantastic. Keep it stylish with an ergonomic office chair and stay contemporary. 

2.  Mid-Century Style Home Office

Add a mid-century style office desk and statement art to the walls to switch up your design. Keep the main colour palette simple and add splashes of colour with mid-century art pieces and flamboyant prints to make a statement. Whether you have a separate space for your home office or need to create a study nook in the living room, a mid-century style home office works well. 

 3. Scandinavian-Inspired Productivity

The Scandi-style design works with almost any type of living space. There’s a reason it’s such a popular design option. For a Scandi-style home office, you can create a functional yet inviting workspace. Add soft accents of warm wood, white walls, and bring and bring in plenty of light. With this design, try facing your desk toward a window for maximum light. Install a good blind so that you can block out light when necessary. 

4. Navy Blue and Oak 

A navy home office is simple yet bold. Try adding wall-mounted shelving to organise your workspace. A navy backdrop creates a calming feeling, and the organisation helps to put you into a productive mindset for the day. Navy walls look fantastic with oak flooring and lush greenery to boost your indoor air quality.  

5. Sunny Yellow Home Studio 

Add a splash of yellow to your home studio or office to create a warm and bright space. Try adding a bright yellow office chair or paint the walls yellow. Next, add some light parquet flooring and greenery to the space for a vibrant look. Yellow accents go a long way on white walls in making a warm and engaging home workspace. 

6. Smart and Geometric 

Whether you love a geometric rug or have the perfect print to put on the wall, geometric shapes look smart and sleek. Combine a statement piece of art of furniture with a minimalist colour palette. Try adding furniture with straight lines like a tall bookcase and a streamlined workspace. 

A dedicated workspace can increase productivity and keep you engaged at the work at hand. By shutting out household noises and keeping away from high traffic family spaces, you can create the home office you always wanted with modern yet simple design ideas. 

July 12, 2021 — Richard McKay