Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular choices for homes, commercial, and office environments. Luxury vinyl tiles can easily handle high-traffic areas and fluctuating temperatures, making them suitable for all environments. If you’re looking for flooring that is highly durable and stable, here are six ways you can use luxury vinyl tile. 

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  • How is RVP Luxury Vinyl Made?
  • Why Install RVP Luxury Vinyl in Your Next Project 
  • 6 Uses of RVP Luxury Vinyl 

How is RVP Luxury Vinyl Made?

RVP Luxury Vinyl stands for Rigid Vinyl Plank. It’s the next generation of luxury vinyl that feature unique properties. With a huge 0.7mm, the vinyl tiles are scratch and stain-resistant and prevent discolouration from UV light. 

In addition to the protective top layer, RVP Luxury Vinyl has an extremely stable SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) core. This is what makes the vinyl suitable for all environments because it helps to avoid expansion and contractions. If you’re installing flooring in an area with fluctuating temperature and humidity levels, it’s so important that it has a stable core. 

The construction of RVP Luxury Vinyl means that you have a super durable and long-lasting floor that also looks great. The flooring features an in-built underlay which makes it easy to maintain and clean. 

6 Uses of RVP Luxury Vinyl 

Whether you’re planning a complete bedroom renovation or looking to upgrade your office interior, you can use RVP Luxury Vinyl in various ways. Here are six uses of luxury vinyl for your next project.

1. Bathroom and Kitchen 

Bathrooms and kitchens are known for spillages, humidity, and changing temperatures. Usually, this means you have to narrow down your flooring choice. Something like solid wood flooring isn’t suitable for these types of environments. When you add changing temperatures and humidity levels to the mix, you need to make sure your flooring can cope. RVP Luxury Vinyl has an uber stable core, making it an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Bedroom and Living Room 

Luxury Vinyl is easy to maintain and clean. This makes it ideal for living spaces with regular use. Often bedrooms and living rooms are used daily and require regular cleaning. RVP Vinyl Tiles are scratch and stain-resistant. These are must-have features for living spaces, especially when you have children. 

3. Conservatories 

As conservatories can vary in temperature, it’s another area of the house that needs careful consideration when choosing your flooring. Vinyl is family and pet-friendly. If you’re looking to evoke the look and feel of wood flooring or tiles, vinyl can help you do this at a fraction of the cost and is much more suitable for a conservatory environment. 

4. Hotels and Hospitality 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles are not just for home and residential projects but are well suited to the hotel and hospitality industry. This is because these environments tend to have high-traffic areas and need to be water, scratch, and stain-resistant. In the hotel and hospitality industry, it’s crucial that you can clean and maintain the flooring easily.

5. Fitness Studios and Gyms 

Another way you can use RVP vinyl flooring is in fitness studios and gyms. As the vinyl tiles are water and scratch-resistant, they can handle sweaty and high-moisture environments. If you’re looking to create a boutique and high-end fitness environment with excellent durability, vinyl is a good option. 

6. Sports and Recreation Centres 

Luxury Vinyl is a fantastic option for sports and recreation centres. If you have a multipurpose facility and you’re looking for a high-end and beautiful finish, vinyl tiles are easy to install and maintain. 

The unique construction of RVP Luxury Vinyl means that you can install vinyl in all environments. You don’t have to sacrifice style for performance, as the tiles are constructed to not only look great but with excellent durability and stability. From bathrooms and kitchens to gyms and fitness studios, you can install luxury vinyl tiles in a range of projects.

April 27, 2021 — Richard McKay