Whether the sun is shining or the rain is pouring down, you can bring summer into your home. British summers are so widely unpredictable, with the weather heating up one week before a thunderstorm arrives the next. Fortunately, you can make your home feel sunny, warm, and inviting, whatever the weather. Keep reading to find out six ways you can bring summer into your home. 


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  • Enjoy the Summer Season All Year Round 
  • 6 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home 

Enjoy the Summer Season All Year Round 


From raw fibres to coastal and breezy blues, something is enticing about summer decor. You can bring the feeling of sunshine indoors to maximise the sunny season. Although it may feel like summer decor is purely seasonal, you can incorporate a few key trends all year round. Think beautiful blues, bright whites, and minimal decor decisions. You can choose statement pieces of furniture and seasonal pieces of artwork.

6 Ways to Bring Summer into Your Home 

While there is no guarantee for sunshine, you can bring summer indoors with simple decorating ideas. Enjoy the fresh feeling of summer indoors without leaving the house. Spend time with friends and family in an inviting and warming atmosphere. Here are six ways to bring summer into your home. 

1. Choose Coastal Wood Colours 

Photo: Francis Amiand

Think about incorporating coastal wood colours into your home. If you love the look of driftwood and want to integrate seaside colours into your decor, wood flooring is a great place to start. Opt for natural wood tones combined with pale turquoise and sandy yellow colours. Coastal wood colours are light and bounce light. The Ravenna Engineered Wood flooring is a great choice to add coastal colours to the home. 

2. Add Plants 


One of the most popular ways to bring summer into the home is by bringing nature indoors. That means adding plants to your decor. Add lots of greenery and leafy foliage to elevate your home. If you’re looking for a fuss-free option, try looking at artificial plants or dried plants, which can last for a couple of years. Think about using tall grass and botanical trees to boost your environment. 

3. Build an Outdoor Deck 


Extend your living space by building an outdoor deck. Depending on the area you have available, you can create an outdoor deck suitable for your garden and family. Building a deck can be easy and inexpensive. Add seating and a bench with textiles to spend time outside in the warmer weather. 

4. Pick Rattan and Cane Furniture Pieces


Opt for cane or rattan furniture to create a light and bright space if you want to spice up your living area and bring in the summer season. Rattan and cane introduce gorgeous natural textures into the home. Add natural accents with critical pieces of furniture. Rattan furniture works for so many different types of decor like boho, coastal, traditional, and contemporary. 

5. Paint Ornaments 


You can paint ornaments and bring in the sunshine with some chosen colours. Whether you have a tiny flat or a large house, add summer ornaments to your decor.

6. Introduce Natural Colours 


Add natural colours to your home to reflect more light and introduce summer colours into your home. Whether you add natural colours through textures, flooring, or furniture, you can make a room feel brighter and lighter. The Zwolle wood flooring is an excellent option for introducing more natural colours into the decor. 


You can bring the summer into your home in several ways so that you can enjoy the season throughout the year. Add more natural colours, integrate textures, and bring some greenery into each room. 

August 13, 2021 — Richard McKay