Autumn is a great season for upgrading furniture and flooring or switching up your home decor.  Maybe your rooms could do with some warmer accents to reflect the colder months where you will be spending more time indoors and comfort is key or your flooring and walls are looking a bit unloved.

Replacing a floor or decorating your walls are transformative changes which can dramatically alter the way your home looks and feels.

Here we look at our favourite home decor trends for this Autumn and ideas on how to bring some life to your existing interior.

Mixed Woods for Colour & Texture

Contrasting wood furniture and flooring is an excellent way to bring added texture and natural elements into your space.  By combining a light Oak floor with rich, dark furniture or using painted wood panelling will instantly create structure and form to a room.

We suggest using Ambrosia Oak parquet for a classical yet modern look.

Greige Tones for Walls or Flooring

The Grey/Beige tone that has made a huge comeback this year is a great neutral colour to use on large areas such as walls and flooring.  This shade compliments all decor styles and looks elegant yet comtemporary.

We suggest Rustic Rock RVP vinyl flooring for a Greige tonal floor.

Bold Dark Features

Dark and sultry paint colours, deep wood accent furniture or black flooring is a true design statement.  Use as a feature wall, corner nook or install dark wood flooring in Walnut, stained Oak or Teak to give a room instant character.

We suggest Carb Oak engineered Black Oak flooring for dramatic appeal.

Rug Layering for Cosiness

Rugs never go out of style and add a layer of warmth and comfort.  Rug layering can be achieved by using a variation of rug patterns, colours and textures over an entire room space or in one area to add an interesting focal point.  It also softens a space and adds depth to your floor.

If you have a natural Oak floor such as Fargo Oak, we suggest using organic, flatweave rugs or bold Oriental patterns to enhance the wood.

Warm Metals 

Bringing metallic elements such as Brass, Copper and Bronze into your room decor is a simple and effective way of adding gentle ambience.  Light reflective surfaces such as tables, mirrors and ornamental features all add another dimension to your space.

We suggest the Ashta side table in bronze to infuse metallic accents.


There are many ways of switching up the look of your home interior whether you are upgrading your flooring, changing your colour scheme or adding new accents. Autumn is a great time to make changes and your home should be a comfortable space that you love being in over the colder seasons.

September 27, 2021 — Katie McKay