When it comes to wood flooring, oak is often mentioned as the go-to choice, but why? There must be a reason why oak seems to be at the top of everyone’s buying list when it comes to home improvements. Whether it’s a floor, table, or furniture, oak is a hugely popular material. Let’s look at the benefits of oak flooring and how you can incorporate it into your home.

In this article: 

  • What is European Oak? 
  • Engineered Wood: 5 Benefits of Oak Flooring 
  • 3 Ways to Add Oak Flooring to Your Home 

What is European Oak? 

Oak is a very sought-after lumbar commonly used in construction, flooring, and furniture. European oak is a type of oak native to Europe, most commonly in forests from Germany, France, and England. In general, European oak has a naturally rich and warm golden-brown colour. The wood tends to have a unique grain pattern that gives European oak a lot of character. 

Engineered Wood: 5 Benefits of Oak Flooring 

Out of all the wood flooring on the market, time and time again, many people opt for oak flooring. It has inherent properties that make it the ideal solution for many settings. Here are five benefits of oak flooring.  

1. Hard Wearing 

Oak is a hardwood which means that naturally, it’s very hard-wearing. It’s durable and long-lasting with an attractive grain. Not only does it look great, but you know that it can handle the bustle of everyday life. 

2. Beautiful Grain

If you’re looking for statement flooring, you might choose a patterned tile or maybe a parquet flooring. With wood flooring, you have to rely on the grain for the pattern. You can rest assured that oak flooring has a beautiful and unique grain. This is what makes it such a good alternative to carpet and tile. 

3. Highly Resistant 

A pre-finished oak hardwood engineered wood flooring has exceptional resistance. The long-lasting finish means that you can go for years without it needing to be refinished. With a plywood core, engineered wood is very stable and not susceptible to expansion and contraction.  

4. Timeless Design

A huge benefit of oak flooring is its timeless design. You can be confident that your oak flooring will remain relevant and in style. The unique character of the grain and warm tones of oak flooring are welcoming and calming.  

5. Strong and Durable

With an ultra-thick top layer of real oak, engineered oak wood flooring is strong and durable. It’s important to install high-quality and durable flooring into the home, especially in high traffic areas

3 Ways to Add Oak Flooring to Your Home  

If you’re looking for a way to introduce oak flooring into your home, you have a huge range of products available. With different finishes to choose from, you can opt for various tones and shades that suit your decor. Here are three ways you can add oak flooring to your home. 

1. Cairns Warm and Golden Oak Flooring

For modern rustic, country chic living, Cairns Engineered Lacquered Oak Flooring is ideal. It features warm golden oak tones but delivers a rich and inviting result. You could pair this with laid back neutrals or team it up with a statement piece of furniture to make it pop.   

2. Fargo Modern Rustic Oak Flooring

Fargo Oak Flooring is light and fresh but still has those golden oak undertones with deep rustic knots adding natural warmth and ambience. It takes it up a level but is still giving off that modern contemporary style with its wide plank composition. Fargo is a classic European Oak because of its beautiful grain and sturdy design. 

3. Novaro Rich and Dark Oak Flooring

 If you’re looking for something much darker with a smoky finish, Novara Oak Flooring is great. Think mid-century modern design with rich dark brown and grey undertones. The final result is rich and moody, with the perfect amount of ambience. 

 Given the benefits of oak flooring, you can see why oak flooring it’s such a popular option when it comes to home improvements. As with any flooring investment, make sure to order some samples and test out your new floor in different locations and lighting environments to make sure you love it. 

August 23, 2021 — Katie McKay