Beige is a hugely popular choice in the home and doesn’t need to be boring. The colour brown used to be associated with dull, boring, and drab design. But, nowadays, it is the new black. It’s light and airy like white but adds another level of warmth. There are also various shades of brown from cool Beige tones to deeper, caramel shades and even metallic bronzed options.  By making clever design choices, neutral shades can pull together your entire design. Keep reading to find out how to decorate with brown tones.

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  • How to Decorate with Neutral Brown Tones
  • 3 Brown Floors to Upgrade Your Home 

How to Decorate with Neutral Brown Tones


Brown is a classic and neutral tone that blends well with various designs, colours, and textures. Because it coordinates with basically every other colour out there, you can easily mix up your bedroom, living room, or kitchen with neutral accents. 

You can combine muted tones with natural white, browns, and punchier colours like coral, deep green and navy blue. If you want a wide, open, and airy living space, then you will love the combination of neutral beige and white palettes for walls, floors and panelling. These colourways are timeless and will not lose their elegance meaning you only need to update smaller decor elements such as textiles over years to come.

Brown interiors may not sound like the boldest of settings, but they can create a beautiful environment that feels warm and welcoming. You can use variations of Beige to accent walls, different wood furniture colours to elevate any room. Using this colour wisely with other natural accents and even a bold contrasting colour can create a beautiful final result.  

3 Brown Floors to Upgrade Your Home 


Beige can create warmth, relaxation, and comfort. Whether you want to add tones of oat, sand, or camel, you can upgrade your home with a calming and beautiful colour. If you dare to beige, here are three beige floors to enhance your decor. 

1. Velasco Laminate


Velasco Egger Laminate flooring is a natural light oak to create a classic, warm, and engaging finish. Laminate flooring is one of the best alternatives to real wood flooring. It’s a budget-friendly option and creates a super durable foundation. This laminate flooring is ideal for contemporary or neutral interior decor. 

2. Yonago Engineered Wood


Another neutral brown flooring option is Yonago Engineered Wood. The pale white oiled oak is stripped back and creates a luminous and spacious effect. Engineered wood is durable, compatible with underfloor heating, and features a very stable construction. 

3. Geneva Engineered Wood


The Geneva Engineered Wood Flooring is the lightest of all three with a very light natural oak colour. With a white lacquer, this flooring would be ideal with neutral, Scandinavian, and coastal styles. The flooring has a thick top layer of natural wood that can be sanded down several times. This means that you can give your flooring a new lease of life throughout the years when necessary. 

When introducing neutral browns to your home, it’s great to start with your flooring and walls. As it is easier to change furniture, textures, and artwork, you can add pops of colour here instead of redecorating the entire room. Create a modern and contemporary living space with a backdrop of neutrals and you will always have a great canvas to add your own personal style of decor.

August 06, 2021 — Katie McKay