New flooring is an investment. You want to make sure that you are completely happy with the final result. When it comes to engineered wood, you have a few options to consider. An important decision is the colour of the wood. With all the different colour and design options, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

In this article: 

  • How to Choose the Right Engineered Wood Colour 
  • 4 Engineered Wood Colours to Inspire Your Design 

How to Choose the Right Engineered Wood Colour 

Engineered wood flooring features a top layer of real solid wood. Underneath the top layer, there are several layers of thin wood that are glued together like a plywood sandwich. These layers make engineered wood more stable and less prone to expansion and contraction than solid wood boards. 

As with any flooring or design choice, colour can have a massive impact on the final result. Whether it’s your walls, furniture, or flooring, colour choices affect the overall feel of the room. Your wood flooring is a big investment in terms of both cash and time. 

Products on the market can range in price, durability, and quality. So, it’s important to choose a high-quality product with a colour that you love. The best way to test your new flooring is by using a selection of samples. It’s important to know that your lighting can have a significant impact on how your flooring looks. Test your samples at different times of the day to make sure you like the look throughout the day. 

Your room dimensions and space available are big determiners in choosing the right colour. Then, think about your current design and interior and the look you’re trying to create. Your colour palette and furniture will play a role in your decision. 

4 Engineered Wood Colours to Inspire Your Design 

There are tons of different colours, grains, and shades to choose from when it comes to engineered wood. Whether you’re a wood floor newbie or have a good idea about what you’re looking for, here are four colour ideas to inspire your next home improvements project. 

1. Dark and Cool Tones 

Dark and cool tones continue to be a popular option for wood flooring. When done properly, it creates a sophisticated and timeless result. Pair with contrasting interior and furnishings for a dramatic yet stylish look. The Haarlem Cocoa engineered wood floor features dark coffee tones with a rich and opulent texture. 

2. Grey and Beige 

Grey has been a popular choice for a while now. But, variations of grey are starting to emerge, with more people blending grey and beige. Think subtle grey colours combined with cooler darker tones like browns. It can create a warm and classic look that’s both contemporary and welcoming. 

3. Rich and Textured

Wood flooring texture also plays a big role in choosing the right flooring. You have many different textures to choose from. Distressed flooring can offer a rich and authentic look. It’s ideal for homes with children and pets as scratches and scuffs are less likely to show up. The Novara engineered wood flooring uses European oak with a rich dark brown full of rich texture. 

4. Honey and Copper 

Another colour palette to explore is honey and copper. This type of wood is light enough to make rooms feel big and airy but with a rich and warm texture that comes from a slightly darker wood. Think natural tones that offer the perfect mixture of light and dark woods. 

When choosing your engineered wood colour, start by evaluating your room dimensions, space, and type of room. All this helps you to figure out what colour will work best. Then, order some samples and make sure that you like your new flooring in your lighting environment.

August 09, 2021 — Richard McKay