While engineered wood is not as vulnerable to moisture as solid wood, it still has a top layer of real wood. It is important therefore that you clean and maintain it properly to increase longevity and keep it looking great. Wood is known for being incredibly durable and long-lasting, but regular cleaning and care will only make it better. There are several things you can do to keep your flooring looking fresh and fantastic.  

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  • How to Take Care of Engineered Wood Flooring 
  • 7 Tips for Maintaining Engineered Wood Floors 

How to Take Care of Engineered Wood Flooring 

Engineered wood has unique properties that make it ideal for a range of environments. You can install engineered wood in commercial and residential settings like living rooms, open kitchen diners, bedrooms, retail and hospitality areas. 

Because of the multilayer construction of engineered wood, it’s strong, stable, and very hard-wearing. In general, it can withstand high levels of wear and tear. This makes it an excellent choice for high traffic family areas and commercial settings that experience a lot of use. 

7 Tips for Maintaining Engineered Wood Floors 

As tough and stable as engineered wood is, it still requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking great and functioning well. Here are seven tips to help you take care of your engineered wood flooring. 

1. Use a Damp Mop/Cloth

While engineered wood is more adapt to handling varying moisture levels, it doesn’t like to be swimming in water. When cleaning the floor, avoid soaking the area. Instead, use a damp map or cloth to clean the floor. Your mop should be slightly damp and not wringing wet. 

2. Clean Up Spills ASAP

You must clean up any spills as soon as they happen. Just as you shouldn’t use an overly wet mop, you should not leave any standing water on the floor. While engineered wood is less susceptible to water damage than solid wood flooring, it’s not designed to be soaking wet. Over time, too much exposure to liquids could result in damage. Avoid using steamers, wet cleaners, or any cleaning tool that would allow a lot of water to seep down between the planks. 

3. Wipe in the Direction of the Grain

For the best results, wipe in the direction of the grain when cleaning your engineered wood flooring. It can help remove dust and dirt from cracks in the flooring much more effectively. A microfibre cloth is ideal for collecting dust without causing any damage to your flooring. 

4. Create a Consistent Cleaning Routine

A consistent cleaning routine will help prolong your flooring and keep it looking it's best. A regular clean includes removing any dust and debris by vacuuming and dusting and running a damp mop over the floor.  If you don’t regularly remove debris from your engineered wood, it can potentially act as an abrasive material and end up scratching the floor. Avoid using a vacuum with a rotating bristle bar. Instead, use a floor-brush attachment. Occasionally, you can treat your flooring with a deeper cleaner to help remove tougher grime. 

5. Avoid Harsh Cleaning Products

You must avoid using any harsh cleaning products and chemicals on your flooring. Don’t use cleaners with ammonia or wax-based cleaners. Also, watch out for any abrasive materials in cleaning products, as these could potentially damage your floors. If in doubt, test your cleaning products on a spare board if you have one. 

6. Use Doormats

You can actively reduce any mess in the first place by using rugs and placing doormats at each exterior door in the home. You should avoid mats and rugs with a rubber backing, as this may damage the flooring. Doormats are also great for keeping as many allergens out as possible, like pollen, pesticides, and dust. 

7. Use Protective Pads on Furniture

Felt furniture protective pads are perfect for reducing the risk of scratches on wooden floors. Durable felt pads are hardy enough to withstand the use of heavy furniture and repeated movement. When applied properly, felt protective pads can create a good level of cushion between your engineered wood flooring and furniture. 

Your cleaning kit should include a mop, vacuum, soft broom, and a cleaner that the manufacturer recommends. This will help you to take on everyday maintenance, clean up spillages quickly, and protect against marks and scratches that can impact how your flooring looks. These tips are relatively simple and straightforward and will help you keep your wood flooring looking fantastic for years to come.

May 03, 2021 — Katie McKay