A Modern Farmhouse interior is the contemporary take on the traditional, rustic style of home decor which focuses on the charm and warmth of rural living with the boldness and functionality of the modern home.

Here we look at the key looks of a Modern Farmhouse interior and flooring options that capture the warmth and character of this homely style of decor that now has its own modern twist.

How do You Achieve the Modern Farmhouse Look?

There are many ways to nail the Modern Farmhouse look without falling into the dated style of too much golden Oak, tired and fussy textiles and bland walls. 

Mix It Up

The Modern Farmhouse look is basically a mix of old and new.  Blending traditional features such as Fireplaces, beams or industrial elements like exposed brick with modern, functional furniture, clean and curved shapes and a fresh paint palette creates a sleek yet wholesome ambience.  Mixing up artwork with modern prints and classic paintings and adding a variety of quirky  decorative items with antiques or reclaimed furniture all bring the essence of old tradition with modern functionality and playfulness.

Bring In Texture

Texture in a Modern Farmhouse look is important to create the cosiness and layers of comfort a rural interior evokes. Throws and cushions in classic patterns with a mix of neutrals within your other textiles, walls and lightning bring depth and detail into focus.

Use Natural Materials

Natural textiles, organic materials such as stone, wood and fibres like sisal and jute are great ways of bringing the rural aspects of your Modern Farmhouse to life.  They create a lovely balance of textures and natural colours to your scheme.

Add Metallic Elements

Bringing metal surfaces and metallic detail into your interior will add an industrial, functional feel creating a striking contrast to more traditional features.  Metal worktops in a kitchen space, decorative radiators or industrial style furniture gives your Modern Farmhouse look an edgy, comtemporary vibe.

The Best Modern Farmhouse Style Flooring Options

Flooring in any room will always be a huge factor in the overall style and feeling of a space.  There are a few fantastic floor options that will enhance your finished Modern Farmhouse scheme and are versatile enough to fall in with any decor style if you choose to redecorate in the future.

Engineered Wood Flooring

The modern solution to traditional solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring is a highly popular floor option that has evolved in a number of ways.  In the past there were areas of the home that it was not advisable to install wood flooring such as the Bathroom and Kitchen.  Due to the additional stability, improved surface and materials used in today's engineered flooring designs, this is now a floor solution that will tolerate areas with additional moisture, changing temperatures and high traffic.  In terms of the Modern Farmhouse look, wood plays a huge role in creating the richness and warmth of your scheme.

Modern LVT Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring has now upgraded to SPC (Stone Polymer Core) and RVP (Rigid Vinyl Plank) options which have an even stronger core and higher resistance to scratching and moisture damage particularly in rooms such as Kitchens and Bathrooms.  LVT comes in so many designs that are perfect for achieving the ultimate Modern Farmhouse interior.  Available in wood effect, stone and slate effect it has the industrial or traditional element you are looking for to compliment your look.

Luxury Laminate Flooring

Contemporary laminate flooring is another go-to floor option that has all the colours and styles of natural wood or LVT but at less of a cost.  Laminate flooring has come a long way since it first appeared on the market and there are some excellent products that can deliver the classic appeal of wood or stone in your Modern Farmhouse design.

Classic Parquet Flooring 

Classic parquet is a timeless floor solution that will never look out of date.  As you have the option to go very contemporary or traditional in a Modern Farmhouse interior, parquet flooring is a great way to create a statement whether you choose a standard herringbone rustic Oak to replicate that true countryhouse look or very clean, prime grade parquet.

Final Thoughts

Even if you don't have a large rambling Farmhouse or real countryhouse features in your property, it is simple enough to create this popular look. By using textures and mixed materials like wood, metal and natural elements in your flooring choice, furniture, walls and textiles you can easily bring the beauty of rural style into your home.

October 27, 2021 — Katie McKay