As more businesses look to get their workforce into the office, the latest trends in commercial flooring continue to emerge. Creating a function, comfortable, and attractive workspace is a big task. Designing a COVID-secure work area and considering how the space can be pandemic-proof in the future are all factors that come into play. Keep reading to find out the latest trends in commercial flooring. 

In this article:

  • The Importance of Sustainability in Commercial Flooring 
  • 5 Top Commercial Flooring Trends 

The Importance of Sustainability in Commercial Flooring 

Going forward, many business and design decisions will likely be based with COVID-19 security in mind. Whether that’s intelligent furniture placement or easy to clean surfaces, the pandemic will shape a lot of future decisions about the way we work and how we interact with one another. But alongside this, the importance of sustainability has been continuing to grow over the last few years. 

Nowadays, you’re not only looking to create an exceptional workplace with high function and style, but the sustainability of materials is coming into the picture. While fads come and go, sustainability remains an umbrella theme when it comes to commercial flooring. The sustainability message is transcending through the industry from designers to manufacturers. 

We’re seeing more green options than ever. So, what is sustainable commercial flooring? The world’s leading flooring manufacturers are prioritising more planet-friendly materials and technology. These companies are thinking about their environmental impact and using recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. 

5 Top Commercial Flooring Trends 

You can still create statement flooring in a commercial environment while designing a functional and stylish setting. Depending on your business, there are several types of flooring with various materials that can support your needs. 

  1. Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

In the last few years, luxury vinyl flooring has been gaining pace in the non-residential world. With excellent performance, durability, ease of maintenance, and design innovation, more and more commercial settings are opting for luxury vinyl flooring. Interestingly, more healthcare settings choose luxury vinyl, except for hospitals where rubber remains the flooring of choice. 

Our RVP vinyl flooring is the next generation of vinyl tile. It’s water-resistant, sound-reducing, and features a thick scratch-resistant top layer. The long list of benefits means that you can install RVP vinyl in practically any environment, both residential and commercial. 

2. Sustainable Characteristics 

As we mentioned, sustainability continues to be a critical factor in decision-making. The spotlight will continue to be on choosing environmentally-friendly materials, manufacturing, and installation techniques. This includes floors that have a minimal impact on the environment, use recycled materials, and use natural materials. 

3. Statement Flooring 

Commercial flooring doesn’t need to be boring. You can find something that combines high function, style, beauty, and practicality. Although durability and resistance are key in non-residential flooring, statement flooring can look fantastic. 

Parquet flooring is a great option for the workplace and other commercial settings. Parquet uses wooden blocks laid out in a geometric pattern. It’s a timeless yet functional option. Our engineered oak parquet flooring features an engineered composition for additional stability. 

4. Bold and Contrasting Colours 

Colours play a big role in the final design. The colours in the workplace can impact your employees and the overall ambience of the interior. You can use bold and contrasting colours in your flooring to define work zones, create borders, and separate functional spaces. Like how a gym makes separate training areas, you can use flooring to designate areas within a commercial environment. 

5. Rubber Flooring 

While some flooring trends come and go, rubber flooring looks set to stay. This is especially true for medical settings and kitchen environments. Rubber flooring is also sneaking into the home, creating a modern contemporary interior with an industrial feel. Rubber flooring has great shock absorbency, safety profile, and ease of maintenance. 

Your business will play a big part in determining the right commercial flooring. Flooring should be easy to clean and provide plenty of traction to reduce any risk of slips and falls. Choosing the right material, style, and design of commercial flooring is important in creating the perfect balance of function and style.

August 26, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie