SPC flooring is an innovative vinyl tile that’s gaining popularity in both residential and commercial environments. With advances in technology, flooring is evolving to be more durable, last longer, and retain every bit of style. But, what is SPC flooring and what are the benefits? Let’s dive in. 

In this article: 

  • What is SPC Flooring?
  • How is SPC Vinyl Tile Flooring Made?
  • 5 Benefits of SPC Flooring 
  • Where Can You Use SPC Flooring?

What is SPC Flooring?

SPC stands for stone plastic composite. It’s a luxury vinyl option that combines limestone and stabilisers to create a very stable and durable core. One of the standout characteristics of SPC flooring is that it has several layers that contribute to both its aesthetic and high function. 

Traditional click forms of vinyl have a PVC core that is soft and flexible. That means that it’s more easily dented by heavy furniture and isn’t as durable as SPC flooring. SPC vinyl is a heavier, thicker, and more realistic-looking type of flooring. 

How is SPC Vinyl Tile Flooring Made?

You can break down the construction of SPC flooring into several layers. It’s all these layers that combine to create a durable, functional, and beautiful final product. You have an underlay followed by the SPC core layer. Then, you have a few more layers that contribute to the water, scratch, and scuff resistance of the vinyl. Finally, you have the top finishing layer, which acts as a protective screen against UV discolouration.  

The actual SPC core is made by mixing limestone powders and stabilisers to create an uber stable and waterproof core. The SPC core goes through several processes to produce the final vinyl flooring. It’s the SPC core that provides rigidness, durability, and stability to the flooring. Because SPC flooring is rigid, it’s much more resilient to dents in comparison to traditional vinyl flooring. 

5 Benefits of SPC Flooring 

SPC flooring has a unique process and construction that allows it to have some special features. Due to its structure and stability, SPC flooring has unique advantages, which is why it’s such a good option for a range of environments. Here are five benefits of SPC flooring. 


You don’t have to worry about splashes and spills in the home or on your restaurant flooring because SPC flooring is 100% waterproof. The floor protects against water as it has a completely waterproof core. One of the biggest benefits of choosing SPC vinyl is that it’s waterproof, so you can install it in practically any environment. 


The thick layers of SPC flooring combine to create a comfortable foundation. The vinyl tends to offer more cushioning than other types of flooring. This makes it ideal for the home and in a commercial setting where employees are standing for long hours at a time. 


Thanks to the super stable SPC core, SPC vinyl will remain stable in environments with changing temperatures. For example, solid wood flooring is sensitive to temperature changes and can result in expansion and contraction. SPC vinyl is super durable and will remain stable in areas with heating or cooling systems. 

Reduce Noise

Another benefit of SPC flooring is that the thick tiles help to reduce noise. The dense core helps to minimise sound, which can be very useful in upstairs rooms and hospitality settings. 

Easy to Maintain 

SPC flooring is designed to be simple. That means that it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require much work to keep it looking great. All you need to do is sweep up any dirt and dust and run a mop over it. 

Where Can You Use SPC Flooring?

A significant advantage of SPC flooring is that you can use it in practically any environment. Because of its long list of benefits, you can use SPC flooring in places where you might not want to install other types of flooring. For instance, bathrooms and kitchens tend to change temperatures, and it’s not unusual for splashes and spillages to hit the floor. SPC flooring can handle these types of environments without causing any damage to the floor. Other places you can install SPC flooring include:

When shopping for SPC vinyl, you have a ton of options to think about. With different colours, tones, grains, and wear layer thickness. It’s a good idea to choose SPC vinyl with a thick top layer as this will make it super resistant to scratches and scuffs. If you’re ready to upgrade your home, hotel, or restaurant, SPC flooring is a great option that not only looks fantastic but will last.

August 12, 2021 — Katie McKay