Greige (a mix of Grey and Beige) as a colour is a home decor staple.  It works well on walls, panelling, textiles and flooring creating a neutral foundation for when you want to add bolder colours and design features.

In this article, we look at why the colour combination works so well in different areas and elements of your home interior and look at 5 Greige accents you could incorporate into your home to freshen up your decor this season.

Why does Greige Work so Well

Greige is a versatile shade and can be used in various ways.  It can be toned down using a light version of the colour or applied more dramatically in darker shades to walls.  You can introduce the colour on it's own for example on an accent chair or use it on all design features for a very muted, paired-back vibe.  Combining shades of Beige and Grey across your home can also create the 'Greige' look.


It is difficult to go wrong with Greige as a paint colour.  It blends well with most interiors, creates an element of space and light and adds dimension and depth to a room.


A Grey/Beige floor has a classic appeal meaning your flooring will not go out of style while trends change.  Again it acts as a neutral adding gentle warmth without stealing the show.  Adding a rug can also enhance the depth of colour and bring another element of design to your floor.

Cliffside SPC Vinyl Flooring


An inexpensive way of bringing Greige into your home is using textiles like cushions, throws, curtains, bedding or sofa fabric.  As there are many shades of Greige, you can invest in contrasting tones in scatter cushions and texturised fabrics such as woven or woollen throws.

Wood Panelling or Shelving

Painting your wood panelling or shelving a shade of Grey or Beige is another way of adding this colour theme in a cost-effective and subtle way.  The painted wood enhances surrounding features and frames the room.

Decorative Accessories

As Greige is a natural tone it is easy to find decorative flourishes in beige/grey colours.  Natural wall hangings, picture frames and artificial plants will add hints of the Greige ambience across your interior.

5 Greige Decor Elements we Love

We love Vougeot and Hakusan engineered Oak floor options.  The Vougeot shows a dark, sultry Greige while the Hakusan has the light, ambient Greige that truly enhances your space.

Greige paint that really adds the freshness factor is Pudding by Coat Paints.  The natural mix of dark beige with a light hint of Grey creates an airy yet cosy, intimate feel.

A rug not only adds warmth but compliments your flooring.  The Westborough rug by Williston Forge is the perfect balance of Greige to work in harmony with your decor.

Macrame wall hangings are bang on trend,  Adding a little bit of Boho charm, this wall hanging from Bungpottage on Etsy ticks all the boxes for a Greige statement.

Dexter & Fox have fantastic patchwork Greige and Black cushions for a striking colour accent to your space.


Why does Greige work so well in all homes?  It is a timeless colour and can act as a neutral or a design feature depending on how you choose to incorporate it into your interior.  Because it is so versatile and complimentary, Greige is a firm favourite with many homeowners and remains a staple for most.

October 11, 2021 — Katie McKay