Are you looking for Statement Bathroom features that bring something a little different to your space?  Our range of Concrete and Porcelain Handmade Basins are crafted by artisans from the kiln to the handpainting and finishing process.

In an amazing selection of neutral and vibrant colours, we offer Square, Round and Oval sinks to finely detailed Shell Shapes that add instant flair and character to your Bathroom.

Statement Bathroom Features - What are they?

2022 seems to be a year of diverse home decor styles and more personalised, creative approaches when styling our home.  This is a time when people are sticking to what they love and getting rid of hard and fast rules about 'trendy' looks and popular interior schemes.  This is were Statement Bathrooms come in.  A true Statement Bathroom is an interior that makes a statement about yourself and your style.  It's about features that are individual yet timeless. Having one solid piece that instantly conveys your creative message not only saves time and money, it will last for years.

Here we look at 3 Statement Basins and why these pieces can  individually embody different interior styles while being versatile enough to remain captivating even when you decide to change your scheme further down the line.

RACHEL Porcelain Round Basin 


Constructed from high grade porcelain, this simple, round Basin has beautiful classical handpainting within the interior and edges.  It adds a gentle elegance to your space without stealing the show. 

THE BUTLER - Handmade Concrete Basin

Concrete basins are bang on trend.  Simple but effective, this deep soft rectangle basin, is sleek and functional allowing you to appreciate the beautiful concrete grade to its fullest.  Choose from a variety of colours.  

BULGARIAN Handmade Wash Basin 

With bold, Balkan charm this dual colour contrast basin captures the essence of handcrafted ceramics at its best.  Available in Medium and Large sizes.