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Whether you are looking for Garage Floor Tiles or Garage Floor Mats, our Rubber Garage Flooring options are durable, easy to install and offer choice for various uses.

Rubber garage flooring: Why it’s the right way to go.

Garages were traditionally designed to house cars and other vehicles, however a number of homeowners use this space for other purposes. Home Offices, Gyms, Workshops and Play spaces are just some of the other uses of a Garage. One thing they all have in common is that they all require suitable, non-fatique, anti-slip flooring.

Our Rubber Garage flooring is ultra durable, versatile and easily maintained. Here we look in detail at the many benefits:-

Resistant to heavy traffic and vehicle loads: Marcias Rubber Flooring is designed to withstand heavy loads with excellent resilience.

Varied styling options: Bored of bland, concrete floors and driveways? Marcias’ garage floor tiles are modern, aesthetic and easy to install without specialist fitting.

Effortless installation: Concrete and tarmac are costly materials to install. Rubber tiles are simple to fit DIY and don't require specialist tools.

Eliminates slippages: Concrete floors and similar alternatives aren’t well-suited to tackle oil spills or industrial machinery. Rubber flooring is non-slip with the perfect balance of comfort and grip eliminating accidents or falls.

Reuseable: Shifting properties for whatsoever reason? Marcias’rubber garage floors are something that you can take with you wherever you relocate.Conventional flooring options like tiles, stones, concrete, etc. aren’t exactly what you call portable, and once in place, they cannot be removed without permanently damaging them. Rubber garage floors can be uninstalled easily, wrapped up, and reinstalled at a new location.

Have a look at some of our Garage Floor options for modern, effective solutions that are versatile enough to accommodate a multi-use garage space.