Laminate Wood Flooring has never been so in demand as many homeowners look for Laminate Flooring that looks authentic but has structural integrity and comes in great shades such as Grey Laminate Wood.  Marcias Showroom has a fantastic range of Laminate Flooring in our Glasgow Showroom that ticks all the boxes in terms of quality, choice and cost.

Revamp Your Home With Laminate Flooring

Picking an aesthetically-pleasing floor within a limited budget in Glasgow can be quite challenging until you come across inexpensive, functional solutions such as laminate flooring No matter what style or design your home is built in, a laminate floor can match it amazingly. Its impressive and stunning attributes make it a convincing alternative to wood flooring.

But, what exactly is a laminate floor? As the name implies, a laminate floor is manufactured through a lamination process that combines several layers of synthetic and composite flooring together. While the base of the flooring solution comprises plywood or fiberboard, the top layer incorporates a printed and high-resolution image of wood, stone, or other material.

So, if you want your home floorings to reflect a wooden or stone finishing without burning a hole in your pocket, consider choosing laminate wood flooring or stone effect laminate floors.

Here at Marcias Flooring, we understand the pain of homeowners in comparing different flooring solutions and then selecting the right one for their households. That’s why we have listed down a bunch of considerable factors that can help you decide if laminate flooring is the ideal solution for your home.

Scratch Resistant

Since laminate floors are secured with a tough base layer and fiberboard or resin coating, they are highly durable flooring surfaces. Besides, its high scratch-resistance power makes it an ideal flooring option for families having kids and pets. Most homeowners choose laminate flooring in Glasgow for surfacing the heavy foot traffic areas of their home like hallways, living spaces, bedrooms, and dining areas.


Laminate floor surfaces greatly mimic the ravishing look of authentic hardwood floorings at a fraction of the cost. It’s an affordable alternative to much expensive timber or stone floorings without compromising the quality standards and aesthetic appeal. At Marcias Flooring, you’ll find an extensive collection of laminate floors in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs. From rich brown to grey laminate wood flooring, we offer a plethora of wood tones and designs that can perfectly match your home interiors.

Low Maintenance

One of the impactful aspects of choosing this popular flooring surface is its easy cleaning and low maintenance requirements. Once you install laminate floors in your home, you needn’t worry about using special cleaning solvents to keep the floors in top condition. Laminate flooring is a stain-resistant surface that makes it easy for homeowners to clean spills and mess. Daily sweeping is all that a laminate floor needs.

Pick the Right Floor

So, are you ready to update the visual appeal of your home with laminate wood flooring? All of our laminate floor products come in a vast array of styles and designs, suitable for both residential and commercial use. Wait no longer Check out our entire collection of laminate floors now.