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How does it work?

By measuring overall emissions created by monthly shipments, Planet focuses on carbon reduction as opposed to carbon balancing through forest preservation. Marcias have opted for The Decade Subscription which allows us to monitor:-

Quantity of carbon-neutral shipments

Quantity of carbon-neutral

Total delivery distance

Total delivery distance

Carbon extraction

Carbon extraction (by weight)

Cost of carbon removal

Cost of carbon removal deliveries over time

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After installation, the Planet app automatically computes our monthly carbon removal cost using nature-based or high-tech options. The minimal cost for each order—between 3.5 and 15—goes toward purchasing carbon removal credits to guarantee that all orders for the month are carbon neutral.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to carbon removal projects and make our business more sustainable. Our Decade Account helps:-

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Ship Carbon Neutral


Remove atmospheric carbon


Store carbon for 10+ years


Solutions like reforestation and soil carbon storage

All deliveries are carbon neutral

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