Marquee Rubber Flooring Tiles

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 Our range of Outdoor Marquee Rubber tiles come in 3 complementary colour choices, two thickness options and are simple to fit and reassemble afterwards.  They can be loose laid (no adhesive) and butted together.  Due to their weight, the tiles do not move and retain their position. 

Unlike other temporary floor alternatives, our Marquee tiles will not catch heels, crack or stain.  For complete comfort, safety and piece of mind, rubber tiles are the ideal solution for events where there are mixed age groups, high traffic, furniture and equipment to consider.


All-Weather Resistant
UV Protected
Non-Slip Surface
Withstands heavy loads and equipment
Self-Draining (undercarriage moisture channels
Ultra Stability - Tiles remain in position without adhesive
Can be used as a temporary or permanent solution
4 Warranty Guarantee 
Simple Installation
Easy Maintenance
Constructed from recycled rubber

Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm
Thickness: Available in 30mm or 40mm
Size Tolerance Length: +/-2%
Size Tolerance Thickness: +/-4%
Colours: Available in Black, Red, Green 
Cleaning: Lightly vacuum and wipe with a damp mop