When we think of a Bathroom, we all too often think of practical, purely functional spaces that are slightly limited in terms of how we style and furnish them.  Concerns about water damage, slipply surfaces or hard to clean fixtures can hinder our Bathroom decor aspirations.

In this article, we look at 5 unique Bathroom decor elements that score high on unique design but deliver the practical functions of a Bathroom space.

What Practical Aspects do you need to Consider when styling a Bathroom?

Before you reach for the sparkly wallpaper, you need to think about how a Bathroom works and how the products and fittings you have selected are suitable and will stand up to continous use under certain temperatures or if they are user-friendly.


Floor surfaces in the Bathroom should be non-slip, comfortable to the underfoot and simple to clean.  Consider vinyl tiles, laminate flooring or engineered wood for materials that react best to changing temperatures, moisture and are compatible with most sub-floors.

Easy to Clean

Nobody wants to spead hours scrubbing intricate Bathroom fittings and trying to remove stains or tidemarks from poorly made furnishings.  Many modern Bathroom products are designed especially to allow simple maintenance but will not prematurely age with time.  Look for clean lines, curved features, not too much glass or plastic and consider engineered wood to prevent water damage or expansion issues.  Alternatively, look for SPC vinyl or high quality laminate floor options.

Good Quality

If you want your Bathroom style to remain as beautiful as it was when it it was newly installed then selecting high quality accessories and decor pieces is key.  Investing in premium products that cost a little more is definitely worth it if you want to avoid having to replace sinks, taps and baths after a few years due to scratches, fading and inbuilt dirt which can occur with cheaper products.

5 Unique Products to Create a Statement Bathroom

Take a look at these 5 statement Bathroom pieces that tick all the boxes when it comes to high quality, easy maintenance decor that will leave an impression.

Kast Concrete Basins

Simples lines and curves, gleaming metallic accessories with laid-back pastel hues or bold, rich tones, Kast basins cannot be ignored if you are looking for ultra contemporary, high-finish Bathroom fixtures for your space.  

Copper Bath Tubs

This range of hand crafted Copper Baths will really set your Bathroom apart.  Available in finishes such as Nickel, Gold, Tin or Polished Copper, these metallic beauties are beautifully formed, super easy to clean and will remain your Bathroom centre-piece for years to come.

SPC Wood Effect Luxury Vinyl Flooring

SPC vinyl flooring has additional stability inbuilt to ensure your flooring can withstand all conditions, movement and heavy usage.  The surface is non-slip and the 12 colour options offer fresh, neutral shades of Grey, Brown and Natural Oak for a truly fuss-free floor that mimics genuine hardwood.

Large Statement Mirror

For a proper statement Bathroom, a large and beautifully designed mirror is a must.  Think bold circles, ornate and vintage or contemporary pill-shape. 

What is not to love about this metal framed arched mirror by West Elm.  In a classic Brass finish and responsibly sourced, this timeless but modern mirror is the perfect final flourish to your statement Bathroom.

Creative Lighting

Let's not forget about lighting.  Gone are the days of dull, flush ceiling fixtures in the Bathroom.  There is no rule to say that Bathroom lights have to be purely basic and our next piece is no exception.  The Verona tubular light from Made is the ideal accent to add warmth and added ambience without taking over the show.  In a Smoked Glass and Brass finish, the LED light is bang on trend while being totally practical, power-saving and energy efficient.

Final Thoughts

These days it is easier to combine style and functionality in areas such as Bathrooms because there are so many well made, practical and uniquely designed options out there.  To make sure that your decor and fittings stand the test of time and work well in your specific space, consider the main uses, who will be using the space and the current conditions of your Bathroom, that way you can enjoy a stylish finish without the worry of premature damage.

March 09, 2022 — Katie McKay