A well chosen rug can transform a space by enhancing your flooring or adding character to a room.  It provides comfort, warmth and protects your flooring from heavy traffic, pets and premature wear.

Our handmade rug collection offers rugs in all shapes and sizes, colours and styles.  From Kilim style Hemp rugs to flatweave Jute and Wool options, our selection is handpicked for ethical and sustainable materials that are made to last.

Our range includes:-

  • Kilim Rugs
  • Jute Rugs
  • Hemp Rugs
  • Organic Cotton Rugs
  • Natural Wool Rugs
  • Flatwoven/Flatweave Rugs
  • Round & Oval Rugs
  • Mandala Rugs
  • Square & Rectangle Rugs
  • Runners