DENIM Handmade Cotton Rag Flatweave Rug - Blues

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Made in India

Material: Recycled Cotton

Size: 4 Sizes Available

Care: Spot clean using a damp cloth and brush for dust and pet hair. Use a mild detergent for stains.

Made in India

The DENIM range. It's one of the most recognisable fabrics in the world. Most of us love our Jeans but what happens to the offcuts when they are manufactured? Well now you know! High quality denim has been woven into a robust rug with a finished edge. 

ETHICALLY SOURCED - Produced by one of our favourite GoodWeave suppliers and part of a closed network of certified producers. Each rug is individually numbered so that you can be sure of its unique handling and its ethical source. Our certification fees help to fund education centres for children and young people.

ECO-FRIENDLY – These gorgeous rugs are made from recycled fabric offcuts which arise during garment production. By weaving them into a new product, we are helping to reduce waste. The flat weave style is produced on a traditional hand loom and no machinery is involved. Each one is unique since no two patterns are identical.

CARE OF YOUR RUG. The finished piece is reversible meaning that it can be folded or rolled up when not in use. It can be shaken, or spot cleaned if necessary and many customers report that the rug can be gently washed. If placing on a hard floor, then you may need rug mesh or similar to hold it in place.