Whether you plan to have a low-key, relaxed Christmas break or you are hosting a large festive feast for 12 you'll still want your Dining area looking its best.  Here we look at some simple, creative ideas to upgrade your Dining Room in time for the winter holiday.

What are the Main Elements of a Dining Room?

The key aspects of a Dining Room or Open-Plan Kitchen is the Table area, the walls and the flooring as these create the template of the room and are the main focal points aswell as the elements in which there is space to add your own style.  In order to create an impact, give your Dining Room character and make the most of the functional areas of your space, the walls, flooring and seating area are a good place to set your foundation.

How do I Upgrade My Dining Area This Festive Season?

By focusing on the key areas of your Dining space, you can easily transform a tired Dining Room or kitchen nook in time for Christmas.  Depending on your budget, there are cost effective solutions to restyle your Dining Room decor aswell as more long-term investment ideas.

Create a Feature Wall

Feature walls can be anything from an alternative paint colour to a full wall mural textured wallpaper or even shelving.  Choose a wall or a section of your room to do something a bit different.  This can infuse some much needed vibrancy or a layer of design without investing in a full room renovation.

Choose a Statement Floor

High craftmanship floors create a real statement to your room space.  Parquet flooring in classic designs such as Herringbone and Chevron pattern are timeless yet contemporary.  This is the type of floor that can transform a room into something special.  For an elegant and distinctive design concept, parquet flooring and wideboard  wood floor options are true attention grabbers and the perfect revamp solution this season.

Include a Stylish Rug

It is now usual to have rugs in all areas of your home including underneath your dining room table.  Modern rug options are far more maintenance friendly meaning you can include less functional styles to highly used spaces.  Choose an oval or round rug to give the Table area of your Dining Space some focus. This adds softness and comfort, perfect for festive get-togethers while enhancing your existing wood, vinyl or laminate floor.

Add Quirky or Luxury Lighting

We know lighting plays a big part on creating the right ambience in a Dining area and especially over the winter season.  By changing up your current light fixture to a low hanging pendant or bringing in a bold Japanese or ethnic inspired lightshade, change is as good as a holiday they say. 

Invest in a New Table

Just by changing the shape or type of Dining table you have can add a new dimension to your overall look.  Tables do not need to be expensive to deliver functionality and style, there are so many variations on the market from wood effect, industrial metal and resin styles that can easily compliment your Dining room theme without costing the earth.

Go Crazy with the Crackers

The simplest way of boosting your Dining area aesthetic this Christmas is by going to town on the tableware decor.  Choose a theme and fly with it.  With so many colours and designs of tablecloth and accessories it is much like decorating your Christmas tree.  Create your own magical ambience by decking out your seating area in as much bells and whistles as you can manage.

Final Thoughts

Christmas 2021 is extra special this year as we look forward to celebrations without lockdown restrictions.  We all want to look our best, be our best and have our family home looking amazing for guests.  Look at small ways of enhancing your Dining space if you want to keep your budget low or think to the longer-term for substantial improvements that increase the quality of your existing space and add overall value to your lifestyle.

November 17, 2021 — Katie McKay