Inspired by Scandinavian design and brought to popularity by the growing number of Norse TV crime dramas, the Nordic Noir decor style is a distinctive blend of dark, sultry tones and simple but sleek design which creates a dramatic and inviting ambience.  Think deep earthy tones, rich metallic accents, industrial elements and dark, leafy plantlife.  If you are considering a decor change, Nordic Noir is a true winner for the colder months ahead.

Let's look at the 5 main themes of a Nordic Noir interior that make it unique and deliciously intriguing.

1. Dark Paint

Blacker is the new Black.  One of the main elements of a Nordic Noir scheme is the dark, moody paint colours.  With so many dark shades to choose from including over 50 Black shades, there is everything from rich, ashy tones to warm Black Cherry and Inky Blues.  These edgy colours set the backdrop for a opulent and alluring room setting.  Paint can be used on walls, woodwork and even items of furniture.

2. Metallic Accents

Gold, copper, bronze and tarnished silver are all great metals to incorporate into your furniture choice, decorative accessories and textiles.  These add contrast, texture and balance against your darker paint palette.  Choose a striking mirror, accent table or light feature to reflect light and add instant vibrancy.

3. Luxurious Fabrics

Similar to metallics, fabrics such as Velvet, Satin and Faux Fur create an element of luxury and softness to your scheme.  Nordic Noir has an air of understated decadence so play up on textured fabrics with rugs, throws and cushions.  Opt for statement curtains or bring in natural, soft wools.

4. Natural Woods

For optimal Danish charm, use natural woods as much as possible in your interior.  We would suggest dark toned or grey woods to keep in with the moody ambience.  Wood aspects can be integrated into your room design with wood flooring, wood panelling, furniture pieces and shelving.  For a real Nordic vibe, try Novaro engineered Oak flooring which has a fusion of dark Grey and Gold tints.

5. Black Framing

Black framing can literally mean using black picture frames to display artwork or refers to using black features throughout your room to create clean, functional forms that bring the rest of your room elements together.  For example, angular reading lamps, hanging pendants or a row of black vase shapes will create bold and interesting outlines across the landscape of your room.  Another creative idea is to opt for a Black floor type such as Carb Black Oak which wholly embraces the delightfully dark Nordic palette.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy Scandi inspired home decor but are looking for something a little punchier, Nordic Noir is the perfect choice.  Using dark tones and adding simple elements will enhance your chosen palette.  Choosing great decorative accessories like mirrors and plants brings in the Nordic theme and creates an interior with full-bodied character.

December 06, 2021 — Katie McKay