What’s great about wood flooring is that you can use it in any decor style. From country chic to modern contemporary or minimal, you can style wood flooring in a way that enhances your interior. You can benefit from the natural beauty of wooden flooring while sticking to your favourite style and aesthetic. 

In this article: 

  • Why Install Wood Flooring to Enhance Your Interior 
  • 3 Wood Flooring to Match Your Decor Style 

Why Install Wood Flooring to Enhance Your Interior

As interior trends come and go, wood flooring remains a timeless and classic choice that can enhance your decor. Engineered wood flooring consists of an uber stable plywood core and a thick top layer of real wood for a durable and beautiful finish. 

The difference between laminate and engineered wood is that the top layer is real wood; it’s not just a decorative finish. In general, the thicker the top layer of real wood, the better. This is because it provides longer life and can be sanded down several times. 

If you’re considering installing engineered wood flooring, here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

  • Easy to maintain 
  • Simple tongue and groove system for installation 
  • More stable than solid wood when exposed to moisture and heat
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Compatible with underfloor heating 
  • Wide colour choice 

Whether you want to make a statement in the living room or have a neutral and minimal kitchen area with silvery grey tones, you can enhance your interior with wood flooring. Fortunately, engineered wood is suitable for various environments, including hallways, entrance halls, bedrooms, conservatories, and kitchens.  

3 Wood Floors to Match Your Decor Style 

With so many species, colours, and shades to choose from with engineered wood, you want to make sure you find the right flooring to match your decor style. By aligning your style to your flooring, you can find something that perfectly suits your decor. Here are three wood floor options to enhance your decor. 

1. Modern Rustic

For a modern rustic, country chic feel, the best option is Bergerac Oak Oiled flooring. Think rustic, wholesome, and timeless. The colour is a mid-honey smoked oak that is natural, cosy, and full of character. The natural colouring means it helps to create a spacious and airy environment that’s also warm and inviting. 

2. Scandinavian 

There’s something enticing about Scandanavian-inspired decor. It’s simple yet stylish and modern. The Sauternes Oak Lacquered flooring is ideal for light, natural, and fresh decor. Think stripped-backed colour palette with natural textiles and modern furniture. The light natural oak colour is suitable for contemporary, neutral, and urban modern styles too for a space-creating environment. 

3. Nordic Noir 

For something a little dark yet luxurious, Carb Oak Oiled flooring is everything you need for nordic noir. Take a dark twist on Scandinavian with black wood flooring. It’s distinctive, rich, and adventurous. This is definitely for a room that you want to make a statement with bold flooring. 

When buying engineered wood, it’s important to choose a product with a thick top layer of real wood. This is a feature of high-quality wood that you can sand down several times if needed. Naturally, you will get a degree of variation in any wood finish, which is part of the magic of wood flooring. With so much variety available, you can find a wood floor to match the decor style that you will love for years. 

February 05, 2022 — Katie McKay