When it comes to wood flooring, you have a lot of options.  Whether you love a classic colour or want to take it up a level with reddish parquet statement flooring, your colour palette dramatically impacts the room. With plenty of options to think about when upgrading and enhancing your decor, here are six wood flooring colours to consider. 

In this article: 

  • Should Your Opt for Light or Dark Wood Flooring?
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Wood Floor Colour 
  • 6 Top Wood Flooring Colours to Elevate Your Decor 

Should Your Opt for Light or Dark Wood Flooring?

Oak and bamboo are considered dark wood, while examples of light wood are ash and light walnuts. You can find wood flooring in a variety of tones and shades. The decision to go for light or dark wood flooring is dependent on a few factors. If you have dark furniture, it could easily get lost in a room with dark flooring. It can also make the space feel a little awkward if there are a lot of similar dark tones. At the same time, a lighter or medium-dark wood flooring creates contrast with darker furniture. 


Another factor that comes into play when choosing light or dark wood flooring is cost. The cost is dependent on the type of wood, the finish, and whether you’re buying engineered or solid wood. Your flooring choice will enhance your overall decor and massively influence the final look and feel of the room. 


Tips for Choosing the Right Wood Floor Colour 

Wooden flooring is one of the most sought-after surfaces in the home. It can add warmth and create a timeless and classic finish. When choosing the perfect wood floor colour, several factors will affect the final look. It’s a good idea to consider the following: 

  • Room size and dimension - smaller spaces may opt for lighter tones and shades. While large and wide rooms could think about dark tones like walnut. The colour you choose can open up a room and make it feel larger. 

  • Lighting - the lighting in your house tends to change throughout the day depending on where the sun is. Your flooring may give off a different impression in natural light to artificial light. Judge your samples based on the type of light that will be in the room. 

  • Furniture and wall colour - the colour of your furniture and walls will play a big role in your decision. You don’t want to match your decor and flooring colour, as it can make the space feel cluttered. 

  • The bigger picture - think about the overall style and feel you want to achieve. Your following choice will have a big impact on the final decor and style. 

6 Top Wood Flooring Colours to Elevate Your Decor 

Wood flooring is a versatile and durable surface. Not only does it look beautiful, but it’s incredibly practical. Engineered wood flooring is suitable for various environments and can add a natural warmth to a space. Here are six wood flooring colours to enhance your decor.


1. Modern Greys

Grey is a popular colour trend with cool tones. Grey wood flooring can help make a room feel lighter and bigger. The neutral tone will go with any colour scheme. Grey flooring never goes out of style and has several practical benefits.


2. Whitewashed 

Following the grey theme, whitewashed flooring is another great option for brightening up a room. Whitewashes are mainly from the 80s but have had a refresh. Now, they are more matte and subtle. 


3. Contemporary Natural 

Another popular choice is to go for a contemporary natural wood colour. Think light and creamy colours to add warmth and create a very natural-looking finish. 


4. Sultry Darks

Sultry red and dark tones can look chic and stylish. Dark wood flooring works well with subtle greens and bluish undertones if you're looking to create a statement room. 


5. Scandi Light 

Beautiful and light Scandinavian-inspired flooring can make rooms feel light, bright, and airy. You can create a calm and collected feeling with light wood flooring. 


6. Earthy Browns 

Earthy browns are a classic choice when it comes to wood flooring. Think neutral browns and earthy tones to create a relaxing and natural environment. 

You have so many options to choose from for your wood flooring. Whether you want to go for a Scandinavian style decor with light flooring or make a statement in your bedroom with sultry dark tones, you can create an interior that enhances the house’s overall look.  

December 16, 2021 — Richard McKay