Home interior trends are constantly changing and evolving. It is hard to know what we will be seeing in 2022, but there are a few home style schemes which look to be big in the year ahead.

In this blog, we will go over some of the most popular home design trends forecast to be hot for 2022 as well as quick, simple tips on how to refresh your home's overall look.

So, what is HOT this Year?

Last year we saw a huge push towards going back to nature. Natural materials and colours are being used in everything from furniture to lighting to flooring options. There has been a great emphasis on the use of wood as well as natural stone and marble finishes for countertops, floors and walls. In 2022, it is likely that this trend will continue, with even more homeowners looking to incorporate natural elements into their homes.


Sustainability will have a huge following, with many people looking to adopt more eco friendly practices when it comes to their homes. This could mean using recycled materials, investing in energy efficient appliances, or choosing furniture made from sustainable materials. Minimalism will continue to be popular, with many people wanting to simplify their lives by having a more pared down look. This could mean opting for neutral colours and simple, streamlined furniture.

Black & White

Another trend that is likely to continue in 2022 is the use of black and white as a colour palette. This timeless combination has been popular for many years and does not seem to be going away any time soon. If you are looking to update your home in 2022, consider using bold, monochrome statements in your tiling, textiles and create light and dark sections for stark contrast.  Think Black or Whitewashed flooring, zebra-pattern rugs and darker walls.

Creative Colours

The Pantone color of the year is Very Peri, a striking and lively bluish with red undertones.  This spectrum of colours are playful and flamboyant which continues in the trend of bolder and creative paint choices.

Bold Patterns

Pattern plays a large role in home decor for the year ahead. Popular choices look to be soft stripes, bold mosaic designs and plenty of pattern features at windows and soft textiles.  Similarly, pattern in flooring and tiling especially wood parquet in Herringbone and Chevron design will be popular home decor options.

Tech & Customisation

New technologies like voice assistants (such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home), smart toasters, robot vacuums and the ability to customize your home decor through apps are all emerging globally. These features will allow you to program every aspect of your living space while also allowing for more timeless pieces that can be customized with newer accessories if necessary.


There will be a rise of unique home styles as more people experiment with their living space to reflect their individual personality and interests. So whatever your style may be, have fun with it and put a bit of yourself into your home styling scheme.

Classic Vibes

Timeless, classic home styles are nostalgic and engaging. From antique style mirrors and persian inspired rugs, home accessories, textiles and natural materials such as marble, stone and wood all nod towards a classic but cosy vibe that feels exactly like 'home'.

5 Quick Tips for a Home Refresh

1/ Choose a completely different paint colour and see a room transform

2/ Bring in more plants, artificial or real. You can never have too many plants.

3/ Invest in artwork for your walls - the results will speak for themselves

4/ Upgrade your floor or invest in a new piece of furniture such as a sofa or coffee table. These staples will instantly freshen the look of your home.

5/ Don't forget smaller spaces such as Utility Rooms, landings. Give attention to these areas and choose attractive paint, flooring and accessories as you would in a main living section of your home.

Final Thoughts

2022 looks to be colourful with exciting opportunities to be creative and add your own unique stamp on your home styling.  With plenty of sustainable, eco-friendly products and methods of upgrading your home as well as keeping in with your classical favourites, the year ahead should be a great time to enjoy experimenting.

January 08, 2022 — Katie McKay