2022 seems to be a year of diverse home decor styles and more personalised, creative approaches when styling our home.  This is a time when people are sticking to what they love and getting rid of hard and fast rules about 'trendy' looks and popular interior schemes.

Although refreshing, it can be quite daunting to embrace that bold colour choice or quirky furniture piece because of the sheer volume of options to choose from.  This is where statement and timeless decor pieces play a huge part in planning and completing an interior project.  Having one solid piece that instantly conveys your creative message not only saves time and money, it will last for years.

In this article, we look at 3 Statement Copper Baths and why these pieces can  individually embody different interior styles while being versatile enough to remain captivating even when you decide to change your scheme further down the line.

If you are fed up of labouring over various Bathroom suites and can't seem to decide on the 'look' you want then picking one Statement and Timless piece could be your simple solution.

Read on to find out:-

  • What is Statement Decor?
  • Is Statement Decor also Practical?
  • How do I achieve Statement & Timeless?
  • 3 Statement & Timeless Copper Baths

What is Statement Decor?

When you enter a space and spot certain features that instantly draw you into a room, that is what would be described as Statement decor.  This can be a striking mirror in an Entrance Hall, an accent chair in Royal Blue or even a well appointed piece of art. Sometimes you may choose to have a few select Statement pieces such as a unique Dining Table, funky lighting or ultra luxe Bathroom fixtures.

Statement decor is about well considered items that capture attention while creating a balance in the space, bringing all of the interior elements together.

Statement features do not have to be large, expensive or ornate.  It is more about choosing something that you appreciate more everything time you look at it. You want to think about the overall space, consider the layout and where a statement item will be positioned to celebrate the allure in all its glory.  Squeezing a large Statement bed for example, into a small room would take away from the overall impact.

Is Statement Decor also Practical?

Depending on what it is, for example, a furniture item or an aspect that serves a specific function, practicality also comes into play.  It is pretty pointless to invest in pieces that are overly fussy, difficult to maintain or not suitably sized to the space intended.  Statement pieces should also be clever decisions.  Sourcing interior accents that have both decorative charm as well as full function is important.

How do I achieve both Statement and Timeless?

Statement decor that remains beautiful, engaging and complimentary despite it's changing environment has a timeless quality.  Home decor is ever-changing, walls are painted, colour schemes are switched up and furniture comes and goes.  This is why having a statement piece that can last for years to come and is versatile enough to blend with passing trends is key to achieving the timeless factor.  This concept can also be applied to other room features such as parquet or wood flooring, wall features and panelling.

3 Statement & Timeless Copper Baths

Thames - Classical Style 

Constructed from pure copper, Thames has a distinctive, antique finish which embodies the rich colour and patina of aged metal.  The exterior contrasts beautifully with the polished Nickel interior bringing gentle elegance and effortless style to your Bathroom space.

Whye - Contemporary/Modern Style

Whye has the added benefit of a contemporary white Bathtub with a striking exterior of burnished Copper for a truly unique look.  The flamey Copper reflects light, adds warmth and flair while the White interior feels fresh, modern and light.

Avon - Industrial/Urban Style 

With an edgy, industrial feel, Avon has a raw Copper finish with a smooth Nickel core.  The simple beauty of the curved design combined with the deep tones of contrasting metallics enhance the craftmanship perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Choosing one select piece that adds instant flair to your interior space while outliving all passing trends serves a few purposes.  It saves time, expense on paying for multiple items and accessories to achieve a specifc 'look' and will be loved for years to come.  Statement and Timeless decor can be tricky to get right but when you do, it feels and looks amazing.

May 24, 2022 — Katie McKay