With so many options to choose from, picking Wood Flooring for your Home or Commercial Space can be a bit of a challenge.  There are a plethora of colours, sizes, finishes and styles to consider before being able drill through all available information and make an informed decision.

What most consumers look for when they narrow things down is quality, specific colour options and high value for money.  Based on these factors, we have selected our 3 best Wood Flooring options that tick all the boxes.

In this article we look at:-

  • When we talk about Wood Flooring, What does Quality mean?
  • Most Popular Colour Options for Wood Flooring
  • On average, How Much Does Wood Flooring Cost?
  • Our 3 Best Value Wood Flooring Offers

When we talk about Wood Flooring, What does Quality mean?

Quality has a fairly wide definition but it generally means "of a high standard".  In terms of Wood Flooring, quality is measured in the origin and source of the material as well as how the flooring is designed,  manufactured and finished. Largely speaking, wood flooring of a high quality should have:-

High Wear Layer

All Engineered Wood Flooring has a wear-layer which determines the longetivity of the board.  This lets customers know how many times they can sand the top layer of solid wood before having to replace it.  With a good quality product, the wear layer should be between 3mm and 6mm which signifies good durability and life expectancy.

Good Stability

Having a laminated plywood as the undercore of your Wood Flooring is key to stability due to the cross layered structure. This is also less likely to shrink or swell in changing temperatures and is more compatible with under-floor heating.

High Quality Finish

Quality pre-finished Wood Flooring will have a polished, clean appearance and the chosen finish, whether it is treated (smoked, brushed) or coated should look and feel of a high standard. 

Most Popular Colour Options for Wood Flooring

There has never been so much choice when it comes to Wood Flooring colours.  From dark and light tones to neutral shades of Grey and White, there's something for everybody.  What seems to be popular in the last couple of years is a return to more traditional, classic Oaks, Rustic finishes and wood with plenty of character and texture. Think Smoked, Brushed and Oil treated flooring.   Another tonal scheme that is 'bang on trend' is neutral colours such as Grey, 'Greige', Beige and Light Scandinavian style wood flooring.

On average, How Much Does Wood Flooring Cost?

In other words, what is good value when sourcing a Wood Floor? There is a few things to take into account when evaluating the price of Wood Flooring.  Factors such as Grade, Board Width and Thickness, Treatments and the quantity you want to buy will all impact the price.  Cleaner grades such as Prime and Select have less markings and sapwood so they are more costly because less of the log can be used to produce it.  Wider board flooring is more expensive than narrower options and specialist finish products that have been Smoked or Brushed also add more to the cost. 

You can expect to pay anything between £40m2 and £130m2 in the UK today for good quality Wood Flooring although this is very approximate due to so many factors affecting price.

Our 3 Best Value Wood Flooring Offers

We have a wide range of high quality Engineered Wood products which vary in styles, sizes and costs.  Here's 3 great recommendations that offer excellent value for quality.

Isparta Structural Engineered Oiled Oak - £56.39m2

With a plywood core, Isparta is from our Structural range, a collection selected for its exceptional stability and fine grain design.  A European Oak with an ABCD grade, the boards have a 4mm wear layer meaning they can be sanded down several times, lasting for years to come.  The 150mm wide board gives it the contemporary edge.  In pale, natural Oak with rich, dark knots and grain markings, Isparta is lively and characterful.

Antoich Structural Engineered Lacquered Oak - £62.59m2

Structurally stable to the core (Plywood), Antoich European Brushed Oak is finished in matt lacquer for super easy maintenance.  With it's super high wear layer of 4mm, the boards will stand the test of time and the wideboard appearance gives it a modern yet classic elegance.  Its has a clean, minimal look with gentle grain detail and fits all interior schemes.

Waterloo Wideboard Rustic Smoked & Brushed UV Oiled Oak - £67.81m2

Smoked and Brushed, this treated Rustic Oak has an extra wideboard of 192mm giving a room depth and an added layer of texture.  It has a sturdy 3.5mm wear layer for a long lifecycle with a plywood core for maximum stability.  Waterloo is a full-bodied Golden Oak with cooler nutty brown accents adding warmth and ambience to your interior.


Wood Flooring has many elements to consider before making a choice for your home or commercial space.  Fundamentally, it comes down to simple aspects such as quality, choice and value for money.  Focusing on each of these factors and matching them to your personal criteria and preferences will allow you to make a floor decision with more confidence.

May 03, 2022 — Katie McKay