Luxury laminate flooring is popping up everywhere and what is not to love?  It's affordable, practical and there's a wide choice of fantastic finishes out there. 

In this article we look at:-

  • Reasons for Opting for Laminate
  • Our Best Value Laminate Offers

Reasons for Opting for Laminate

We all adore the natural beauty of wood flooring but sometimes, depending on circumstances, it's not the right choice.  A room may have a history of damp problems, moisture ingress or it's simply not affordable.  Whatever the reason is, modern laminate products now fulfil the same brief as authentic wood flooring by offering stability, a 'real wood' appearance and plenty of variety.

Let's delve in:-


Contemporary laminate flooring is typically made with an HDF core meaning it is stronger and far more hard-wearing than earlier laminate products.  Living areas like Lounges, Entrance Halls and Bedrooms are heavy traffic spaces and modern laminate is designed to stand up to high footfall.  Some products now have the versatility to withstand changing temperatures and areas with lots of moisture such as Bathrooms and Kitchens.


Innovative design techniques have allowed manufacturers to create laminate flooring with even richer wood detail.   Wood characteristics such as grain, whorls and knots have a more distinct quality while attention to texture, treatment and form have also been considered to produce highly authentic looking flooring that replicates the beauty of genuine wood.


Choice has never been so abundant across the many floor types with the most variety being in laminate flooring.  The market has cultivated it's designs to cater for all styles, finishes and colour preferences from light, white-washed effect boards to Greys and dark woods.  Customers can also choose Herringbone, Mosaic and Panel style laminate which mimics authentic parquet flooring.

Our Best Value Laminate Offers

Our favourite laminate range Egger is renowed for it's quality laminate products.  Offering different thicknesses and designs to suit a broad range of uses and personal styles, Egger is most importantly, really high value for your money.

Here's our Top 3 Favourite Offers:-

Toledo - £11.39m2 (VAT INC)

Light, breezy and light-infusing, Toledo is the perfect floor finish to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.  The boards are a pale, milky white oak with delicate grain detail that adds a peaceful and laid-back vibe to your home style.

The 8mm boards have a simple click installation with a stain/scratch resistant top surface which is family-friendly and ultra durable.  Even better news is that is comes with a 25 year warranty against premature damage.

Velasco - £10.19m2 (INC VAT)

Velasco is a beautiful mid golden, natural oak with a some light rustic characteristics.  If you are looking for something warm and engaging without being too 'country', this is the perfect middle-ground option.

This is a 7mm board which also has an easy click fitting method making it fairly straightforward to install yourself without a specialist floor layer.  Guaranteed for 25 years, Velasco is a fantastic floor choice with added value.

Ocampo - £11.39m2 (INC VAT)

This finish is a dark 'greige' tone meaning a mix between beige and grey resulting in a super neutral blend that pairs well with all decor styles.  It has a fresh, nordic appeal with cool accents meaning it will compliment the warm tones of your walls and furniture beautifully.

Ocampo has an 8mm thickness, comes with a 25 year warranty and has the sought after click installation for DIY enthusiasts.


Laminate flooring has much more to offer consumers than when it first appeared.  Gone are the days of dull, basic colours or the concern over durability and quality. Brands such as Egger who specialise in this type of flooring deliver the highest value for money and quality.   With so many great laminate products available and the extensive range of styles to choose from, this cost-effective floor solution really does tick all the boxes. 

April 11, 2022 — Katie McKay