Parquet flooring is classically beautiful, utterly timeless and often expensive.  This is hugely down to the installation process which involves very skilled, labour intensive workmanship.  How can we achieve the same aesthetic without the big installation price tag?  Enter Authentic Herringbone flooring, the new trend of parquet-effect laminate that homeowners can't get enough of.

In this article we look at some of the major benefits of this floor trend and the best value offers out there.

Read on to learn about:-

  • What is Parquet Flooring?
  • The Benefits of Parquet Effect Laminate Flooring
  • Best Value Parquet Effect Laminate Options

What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is the art of installing wood in a pattern design to create effect.  Blocks, staves or battens of solid timber are placed in patterns such as Herringbone, Chevron or panel form (Versailles) to form a beautiful, decorative floor. This style of flooring has been around for centuries and although the concept is ancient, the aesthetic appeal has never lots it's wow factor.

Modern parquet flooring has evolved from predominantly solid hardwood to other materials such as laminate, vinyl and engineered wood.  This offers so much more flexibility to the consumer in terms of location, budget and fitting methods.

The Benefits of Parquet Effect Laminate Flooring

When we think of laminate flooring, we tend to imagine the 'poor mans hardwood' but innovations in this field have seen laminate flooring become much more robust, sleeker and available in the latest colour trends.  The result is durable, stylish floor finishes made from PVC that replicate the natural beauty of real wood but much more affordable. 

Authentic Herringbone is a stunning range of laminate parquet designs in 10 finishes.  The 12mm durable laminate has a number of benefits asides from the wide choice of exciting colours.

Key qualities are:-

25 Year Product Warranty

This product comes with a 25 year warranty guarantee against premature aging.

Additional Stability

The laminate boards have an additional core strength meaning they last longer and are less likely to experience movement.

Scratch & Stain Resistant Surface

With a non-scratch and stain surface, your laminate flooring is designed with high traffic and family-life in mind.

Simple Installation

With a fuss-free, no glue click system, the boards lock together making it a quick and diy-friendly installation process.  This saves huge amounts of time and expense on labour.

Budget Friendly

Authentic Herringbone is cost-effective, highly affordable and reduces expensive specialist fitting and finishing costs.  Classic parquet flooring usually needs to be sanded, stained and sealed after installation adding more on top.

Easy Maintenance

Simple to clean and retain it's beauty without pricey maintenance costs, laminate parquet will not scuff, scatch and discolour over time.

The Best Value Laminate Parquet Options

With a fantastic collection of colours available, it is difficult to choose a favourite.

We like:-

Steel Grey

With cool, ashy tones of Steel Grey, this fresh and neutral Herringbone option is a winner if you are looking for the classical feel of parquet with a modern twist.  The subtle wood grain markings give the floor an overall clean, polished look.

Bleached Oak

We love the mellow, organic feel of Bleached Oak which has laid-back Scandi vibes.  The perfect choice for any Living area such as a Lounge, Master Bedroom or open-plan Kitchen, this blends beautifully with all decor tastes.

Final Thoughts

Parquet flooring is a sought after feature in homes and commercial spaces alike.  The material itself is not costly, however the installation process for standard wood parquet design can be.  Modern laminate options now allow for more affordable approaches to this wonderful flooring method.  For a more budget-friendly option to achieve the statement parquet look at home, Authentic Herringbone is one of the best choices out there in terms of quality and affordability.

April 05, 2022 — Katie McKay