No matter what your interior design theme, natural elements can both elevate the style and infuse your home with positivity. Whether through plants and terrariums or natural fibres and dried flowers, these materials promote a more relaxed, peaceful environment. Also known as interior landscaping, using natural elements such as greenery, bamboo, stones or minerals can help to bring the outdoors inside while maintaining a warm, inviting home. Outside of the visual aspect, there are countless benefits to utlising natural materials over synthetic.


Benefits of Natural Home Design Elements


Not only are natural elements pleasing to the eye, they also bring positive physical and mental benefits to the people around them. For instance, living plants or terrariums are proven to reduce stress and improve your mood. This is thanks both to their visual beauty as well as the calming effect of tending to one’s plants and floral displays, which has similar benefits to gardening.

Having a lot of plant life in your home can also help to absorb unwanted noise pollution in your home. Large or spongy leaves can better insulate and shelter your area from the honking of horns or unwanted chatter, meaning you can enjoy more peaceful surroundings.

Finally, certain plants and other natural materials can improve the indoor air quality of a space by absorbing CO2 and producing more oxygen-rich air. They can also help purify the air by removing common household toxins and pollutants, as well as help conserve energy by releasing moisture to cool the air.


Popular Natural Design Elements

Whether you’re looking to add more green to your home design or are more interested in different types of natural fibers and elements, there are myriad choices to elevate your aesthetic. Regardless of your current decorating scheme, natural elements come in all shapes and sizes, and can easily provide needed positive vibes and earthy structure to your space.



Terrarium Console Table

The best natural design choices effortlessly combine style and natural function, and a terrarium console is the perfect example. Cultivating plants with this piece is a statement, while being extra functional thanks to the completely waterproof materials. With a table-top terrarium you can easily grow and display your favourite herbs, succulents or micro green indoors with a vibrant, eye-catching piece of furniture.




Self-watering Hanging Sky Planter


Cultivating vegetation indoors does require some maintenance. That’s why this clever sky planter is the perfect design piece for your next plant. It uses a Slo-Flo irrigation system to meter out the water your plant needs between refills. This helps avoid over or underwatering, which plant lovers know can lead to less vibrant, healthy greenery. It’s made from recycled materials, and because of its upside down positioning, will add modern touch to your interior design.



Mendog Straw Natural Mirror


Even dried plants and flowers can brighten your home with interesting and unconventional designs that require no maintenance. This dried straw mirror features a more bohemian style and is constructed using rigid, sturdy Mendong Straw. This combines the natural straw coloring with an overlaid black fine-detailed pattern for a more bold design. Whether you want to update your beach house bathroom or apartment entryway, natural is the way to go.


Water Hyacinth Sustainable Basket Planter



The perfect home decor scheme is often a blend of different types of elements, whether mixing highbrow with lowbrow, simple with complex, or classic with modern. Effective pieces like this sustainable basket planter add a homely feel to any abode, bringing warmth and earthiness to your space.

While it may appear simple, this handfinished planter is lined with water hyacinth, making it lightweight yet sturdy, the perfect display for a beautiful plant. It showcases a contemporary style with tripod-style legs and is fully waterproof, ensuring no leaks. You don’t have to sacrifice function for form when it comes to well-made, natural pieces. 

Palm Leaf Pack





Palm leaves are a beautiful, versatile decor piece if you’re looking to add an unconventional twist. While green palm leaves give a tropical style, once the leaves have been dried out, they take on an entirely different feel, becoming more sculptural and textured. They require no maintenance and can be reused again and again with different types of vases or containers, adding a softer desert aesthetic to each one.


Greenbox Indoor Growing Farm




No single piece of furniture or decor “has it all,” but this comes pretty close!

Smart gardens let you grow your own fresh herbs and plants no matter the size of your home or lifestyle, while also being a lovely, natural addition to your interior design. The Greenbox features its own watering and lighting system to support sustainable growth even if you don’t have a green thumb. It’s portable, light and simple to maintain, allowing you to easily grow edible flowers, leafy salads, chiles, herbs and more. Who doesn’t love a statement piece that feeds you too?

Final Thoughts

Bringing nature indoors is a fantastic way of creating a positive and relaxed ambience to your home space.  Not only do plants, terrariums and natural materials such as seagrass, straw and dried florals looks aeathetic they also help you to connect to nature and create a balance between work and relaxation.

August 25, 2022 — Katie McKay