Homeowners around the globe have coveted the grand beauty of parquet and herringbone floors for centuries. The intricate wood floor covering first gained popularity in the palaces of France in the 1600s, and the desire for these awe-inspiring floors has stood the test of time. 


Interior design trends come and go, but the true classic artistry of parquet and herringbone flooring will be in demand for centuries to come. In its original form, herringbone and parquet floors were reserved for only the wealthiest of estates and manors. There was a good reason for this. These intricate floors were often cut and laid by hand rendering them more work of art than a practical floor covering.


Today, thanks to modern technology, and improved manufacturing techniques, the average homeowner can now achieve the same regal look in their own home, or flat. Laminate herringbone flooring and laminate parquet flooring make it easy to recreate these classically beautiful homes without spending a fortune. 


Let’s take a look at the beauty and practicality of modern laminate herringbone flooring and parquet laminate flooring. 

Parquet Laminate Flooring

Parquet flooring has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years thanks in large part to the availability of a wide range of parquet laminate options to choose from, and improved durability delivering a beautiful floor that is beautifully simple to care for. 



Parquet is the art of laying individual planks or pieces of flooring in aesthetically pleasing patterns to achieve a beautiful wood mosaic effect. Originally, each piece of the parquet floor would need to be hand cut, and placed to fit the artist’s design. The level of skill and artistry involved in the creation and installation of a traditional parquet floor elevated the cost far beyond the means of the average homeowner. 

Design Style

Today, modern laminate parquet flooring is widely available in a wide range of wood tones including traditional varieties like Bleached and Natural Oak, and Golden Walnut, as well as more modern styles like Steel Grey, and Chestnut White. 



The bevy of available style options has opened up fresh opportunities to fit the classic beauty of parquet flooring into even the most modern of decors. Whether you opt for traditional walnut, oak, or opt for modern grey, white or bleached tones, the natural wood texture adds warmth, and comfort to any interior design. 

Installation Options

Parquet laminate flooring makes labour-intensive, time-consuming floor installation a thing of the past. Modern parquet laminate flooring features a simple tongue and groove installation system, combined with 4-sided V-grooves on each plank to make design and installation simple regardless of your experience level. 

Care & Cleaning

Modern technology has made modern parquet laminate flooring far more stable and durable than traditional hardwood parquet flooring. The laminate surface is stain and scratch resistant and stands up to a reasonable amount of moisture without swelling, or warping. 

The Chateau Parquet Laminate Flooring Collection

For those who are seeking a high-quality, natural wood parquet flooring look, the Chateau parquet laminate flooring collection offers the perfect solution. The Chateau collection features a range of both classic, and modern wood tones, with every plank designed to showcase the natural wood patterns for a truly authentic look. 


Traditionalists will love the warm tones of the Chateau Teak Brown, Walnut Brown, or Gyant Dark Brown tones, while those looking for a more natural, or rustic vibe may prefer the warm tones of the Chateau Texas Light Brown or Texas Light Natural wood options. 


There is something for the modern, chic, or eclectic design space as well. The Chateau Java Light Grey, Chestnut White, and Charme Black are the perfect fit for adding the classic look of wood parquet to a sleek, modern interior.



Don’t mistrust the beauty, and the authentic look and texture of this beautiful parquet laminate flooring. The Chateau line is designed to be both scratch and moisture resistant making it a great worry-free flooring option for high-traffic spaces. There is no need to sacrifice style for functionality.  Chateau laminate herringbone floors are crafted to be ultra durable so you can go ahead and live, work, and play on these floors. All that is needed is a quick sweeping, or light mopping with a damp mop to have your floors looking as good as new. 


There is no need to be a master craftsman to achieve the beautiful look of parquet flooring. The Simple Loc installation system makes it easy to get the look you want with a minimum of effort. Each individual plank is designed with unique V-groove edges to aid you in aligning and fitting the pieces together seamlessly. Simply click to lock the adjoining planks to one another creating a secure, stunning parquet floor.  

Laminate Herringbone Flooring

Parquet flooring can be created in a number of different patterns from intricate mosaic patterns  to classic Chevron, and Herringbone styles. Of these style choices, Herringbone has long been one of the most popular choices.  The classic Herringbone pattern is created by laying individual wood planks in an angular pattern to create a unique pattern that truly showcases the unique variations in wood tone and pattern. 


Design Style

Different looks can be created by using a solid uniform tone throughout for a polished, sleek appearance, or by alternating neighbouring wood tones to create a subtle, natural striping that highlights the Herringbone pattern. Traditional wood tones create a warm, classic look, while more modern colour trends like Steel Grey or Willow Grey fit perfectly into edgy, chic, or even coastal-style interior spaces. 

Installation Options

Traditional Herringbone flooring patterns were created by hand selecting and placing individual battens, or blocks of solid wood. The installation process was labour-intensive and time-consuming and generally required skilled craftsmen to achieve the desired look. 


Today, laminate Herringbone flooring has evolved to make installation simple enough for the average homeowner to install in no time flat. The tongue and groove installation system allows you to simply align each pre-cut laminate Herringbone flooring plank and secure it to the adjacent plank creating a secure floor with a minimum of effort. 

Care & Cleaning

Modern laminate Herringbone flooring is designed for living. The laminate surface is scratch and moisture-resistant making laminate flooring far more durable than traditional hardwood surfaces. 

This easy care surface stands up to regular use, even in high-traffic areas making it an ideal flooring option for both residential and commercial applications. 

The Authentic Laminate Herringbone Flooring Collection

The Authentic Laminate Herringbone flooring collection offers the very best traits of modern laminate flooring combined with the classic grandeur of the Herringbone style. The Authentic Herringbone collection is crafted to provide the ultimate durability without sacrificing the stunning beauty of natural parquet flooring. 


The collection is available in seven finishes to suit every interior design style. Natural Oak, Golden Walnut, Superior Walnut, and Macadamia Oak are excellent choices for a classic wood Herringbone look. The Bleached Oak, Steel Grey, and Willow Grey finishes add modern, casual flair to this classic design style. 



The Authentic Herringbone collection truly shines in its extreme durability and ease of installation. On the whole, laminate flooring is generally easier to care for, and more durable than traditional hardwood flooring options. The range takes that a step further with 12mm thick HDF core construction and an embossed natural wood pattern and texture that is crafted to stand the test of time. 


Each pack of boards in the Authentic Herringbone collection contains a selection of pre-cut boards designed to fit perfectly with one another to create the classic Herringbone pattern. Each board features a unique 4-sided V-groove that fixes it securely to adjacent planks creating a professional, natural appearance. The simple tongue and groove installation system makes it easy for even the novice installer to achieve a beautiful look in a fraction of the time required to install a traditional Herringbone parquet floor. 


The Authentic Herringbone collection provides the ultimate in superior durability. This stunning floor is surprisingly rugged. With an AC3 rating backed up by a 15-year warranty for residential applications, and a full 5-year warranty in commercial locations, you can rest assured that your Herringbone flooring will still look stunning even after years of use. 

Final Thoughts

Flooring design trends have come and gone, but few have weathered the sands of time as well as parquet flooring. Thanks to modern laminate flooring technology, this classically beautiful flooring is now readily available to all, regardless of budget, or lifestyle. With the wide range of traditional, and modern colour and texture options available today, there is no reason that you can’t add a touch of grandeur to your office, retail store, or home. 


If you are shopping for parquet laminate flooring in the UK, be sure to stop in for a visit at Marcias Flooring & Interiors in Glasgow. We would love the chance to meet you and learn more about your unique design project. Whether you opt for the affordable, classic beauty of the Chateau Parquet flooring collection, or the durable, natural luxury of the Authentic Herringbone collection, our designers will guide you through the selection process to ensure you find the perfect flooring for your home or business. 

Laminate Herringbone - the affordable way to a statement floor

October 08, 2022 — Richard McKay