Hygge is a Danish word, pronounced ‘Hue-gah’, it has been about for a while now but it's still one of the most sought after lifestyles - and you've probably been doing it without realising it!  Hygge which roughly means cosy living, living comfortable, enjoying your home and space and the joy of life and family.  

After the lockdown restrictions of 2020/2021 - our family home has become extremely important to us, as we are spending much more time there. Now, more than ever we are enjoying decorating our home to suit the season and creating space that brings happiness to our daily routine.  So with that said let's have a look through some of our floor designs and tips for bringing Hygge to your home.  Neutral tones are key here and we want to focus in simplicity but also comfort.  Colours like light brown, walnut, oak, greige  or whitewash finish are all fantastic options.


Parquet flooring can add warmth and character to your home which brings that hygge vibe.  It's durable enough to deal with busy homes.  Aerloith Enginnered Oak battens create a unique design feature  enhancing the space to an Entrance Hall, Lounge, Master Bedroom or Open-Plan Kitchen/Dining Area.   SARIAN OAK

This scandi-inspired Sarian Laminate is a must!  The wood grain, light tones, and durable design make it ideal for busy homes.   NORA RUBBER UTILITY TILES - UNI - 2457 

Add a bit of industrial edge to your home interior with Nora Rubber UNI 2425.  Choose stone effect, dimple or fleck design options that enhance space, add texture and don't steal too much of the show.    IMPHAL - OAK

  The real oak layer of our engineered wood flooring creates a stunningly classic and timeless effect, bringing a natural warmth and fabulous ambience to any room. Engineered oak flooring is also a great choice for use with underfloor heating, making the perfect combination to embrace the Hygge warm and cosy environment.    

November 04, 2021 — Margaret-Anne Leckie