The Scandinavian look is growing in popularity as many home owners look to pare back on fussy details and opt for a simplistic, fresh interior with clean lines, natural materials and minimal clutter.

As wood is a natural floor type it really focuses on the beauty of the material and creates the gentle aesthetic backdrop to a Scandi inspired home.

In this article we look at the key elements of a Scandinavian style interior and explore some wood flooring options that truly deliver that nordic charm.

Key Elements of Scandi Style Home Decor

It is important to look at the main aspects of what makes a Scandi style interior work so well.

Light Colour Palette

One of the main features of a Scandi inspired home is a fresh and light-infusing colour palette.  Neutral shades in White, Grey, Beige and Ivory are the best paint colours to use as an overall shade which can be enlivened using accents of colour in other elements of your room design. The room should have a spacious, light-filled ambience.

Simple Design

This decor scheme is based on functionality with a simplistic beauty.  Well made furniture in natural wood with soft, rounded features work particularly well.  Room accessories and decorative items should be kept minimal and serve a purpose meaning they should add something to the room but have a presence.

Natural Wood

As the Scandi colour palette is very neutral, wood in natural colours such as Ash, Oak and Beech work in harmony by adding depth, texture and colour.  This can be used on flooring, furniture, wall panelling and accessories.

Build up Natural Layers

Your scheme should have layers of texture by adding natural fibres and textiles as well as well appointed plants.  These are the elements that will instantly add character to your space.  Choose materials such as rattan, sisal, wool and fabrics with texture in muted tones.

The 4 Best Wood Floor Options for Scandi Style Living

Engineered wood flooring is a feature in most people's homes because of its classical and timeless appeal, durability and simple maintenance.  Here are our 4 favourtite wood flooring choices for that Scandi vibe.

Gabbro Engineered Oak

With a beautiful pale Oak essence and rich brown accents in the grain, this prime European Oak creates the perfect balance of organic beauty with a spacious, modern ambience.  Finished with a matt protective lacquer, Gabbro Oak is easy to maintain, pet friendly and works well in family spaces.

Yonago Oiled European Oak

Bang on trend, Yonago has the milky 'Greige' tones that add a fresh, relaxed backdrop to your Scandi interior. A fantastic neutral, this white oiled wood is a European brushed Oak with a contemporary 20.6mm wideboard for the ultra statement finish. The robust structure and quality finish means you have flexibility in where you want to feature the flooring and is suitable for areas of heavy use.

Fargo Natural Brushed Oak

Oozing authentic that nordic forest appeal, Fargo is a natural lacquered European brushed Oak floor in mellow, warm tones and distinctive knot markings.  Perfect for all public rooms of the home, Fargo is a premium wood with ageless style.

Final Thoughts

To achieve the relaxed, natural simplicity of a Scandi themed interior, you need to think less.  Tone down on accessories and choose only items that enhance the space in the most natural way for eg using organic textures, adding plantlife and light, functional furniture.  Celebrating family life is a key theme in a Scandi home style and investing in warm, comforting textiles make the space feel welcoming, wholesome and restful. Wood flooring plays a large role in a Scandi style home and your floor should match the overall feel of your space.

November 02, 2021 — Katie McKay