Utility spaces such as Laundry Rooms and storage areas can involve moisture, exposure to cleaning detergents and chemicals or heavy equipment and furniture.  Despite this, we still want these areas to look attractive and blend well with the decor of your home.

In this article, we look at types of utility spaces and explore the best flooring options that serve as functional surfaces as well as look great.

Types of Utility Areas

When we talk about Utility areas we are referring to functional spaces of the home that house essential equipment or spaces for storing household items that don't necessary suit other rooms of the house.

Laundry/Utility Rooms

These are usually rooms that have washing machines, driers and store household items such as ironing boards, cleaning supplies and sometimes linen.  Laundry rooms should have plenty of storage, shelving and cupboard space to avoid clutter and allow free and safe movement.  Chemicals and cleaning items should be stored in a child friendly way in a high or locked cupboard.  In terms of flooring, you want to consider water and moisture resistant surfaces as well as a non-slip factor to avoid trips and falls.

Storage/Spare Rooms and Walk-in Wardrobes

Spare rooms can often be used to store items such as gym equipment, office and work related items or kids toys.  Sometimes these spaces don't have a definite function which results in it becoming a dumping grounds for items that either can't be thrown out or due to lack of space.  The key factor for this type of space is organisation.  If you can define zones and use suitable storage then these spaces can look just as appealing as the other areas of your home.  Similarly, walk-in-wardrobes can be overlooked in terms of design.  The right flooring in these home spaces can help to maintain a functional yet pleasant atmosphere.

Cloakrooms and Boot Rooms

This is part of the home which is either a section of the Hallway or a separate space to house coats, jackets and shoes.  Often cluttered and unloved, Cloakrooms should be a dedicated zone with a functional use that blends with your interior.  Using decorative hooks, storage items and adding storage features can enhance the space.  From a floor perspective, you want to consider a floor which is easy to keep clean and is moisture and pet friendly

Best Flooring Options for Utility Spaces

There are a many floor options that suit Utility spaces.  A modern Utility space should be practical but feel like part of your home.

Modern Rubber Utility Tiles

Our collection of modern, versatile Utility tiles are made from high quality slim rubber ranging from 2mm to 4mm.  They are slip-resistant, moisture resistant and perfect for high footfall. 

The sustainable, simple maintenance rubber designs come in a variety of colours and textures such as stone-effect Greys, coloured fleck pattern or plain colours which can be combined to create your own bespoke floor. 

Unlike concrete or ceramic tiles, they protect against breakage due to their light shock absorption properties.  They are also stain resistant for easy cleaning. Perfect for all types of utility area this soft touch floor option creates a gentle feature with bags of style.

SPC Luxury Vinyl Plank or Tiles

SPC (stone polymer core) vinyl is the new rigid plank vinyl flooring which is ultra stable and moisture resistant.  The clever, seamless design and resistance to water and scratching makes it a a great option for home utility areas.

Available in 12 beautiful wood effect colours and styles, the flooring compliments all interior spaces and is practical without compensating on appearance like other utility floor options may limit you to.

Luxury Laminate Flooring

Modern laminate flooring is robust, durable and highly authentic wood effect flooring that is less expensive than natural wood but mimics the beauty of timber. 


Simple to fit and suitable for utility areas, there is a great choice of designs to choose from.  If budget plays a big role in your utility floor choice, laminate is very cost-effective.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Innovation has changed how we can apply engineered flooring in our home.  Due to increased stability in the design, some engineered wood flooring can withstand areas exposed to moisture such as Bathrooms, Kitchens and Utility areas. 

Wood has a classic beauty that will stand the test of time if well maintained.  With a wide variety of wood species, colours and style, engineered wood can transform a tired utility room into a modern, characterful space.


There are many options to consider when choosing a floor for your Utility space from carpet to wood, floor tiles to vinyl.  These spaces need a safe, easy maintained surface that can withstand medium to high footfall and exposure to moisture, spillages and possibly higher or lower room temperatures.  Modern solutions now mean that you can select a floor that looks just as attractive as the living areas of your home without the concern of damage.

October 11, 2021 — Katie McKay